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The 3rd Annual Dawson City 1 Minute Film Festival will take place during the 2011 Festival!

The 3rd Annual 1 Minute Film Challenge screened last night in the Ballroom of the ODD Fellows Hall at the Klondike Institute of Art and Culture. 24 filmmakers showed their ability to create In-camera films, or pare down their shot list to 1 minute!

Congrats to all the filmmakers.
Aubyn O’Grady
Emilie Anderson-Gregoire
Ben Rudis
Brenda Longfellow
Karen MacKay
Eryn Foster
Gail Calder
Hannah Zimmering
Evan Rensch
Jonathan Dowdell
Jill Delaney and Marianne Smith
Kathy Sinclair & Elaine Corden
Kit Hepburn
Lulu Keating, Marcia Connolly, Angeal Joosse
Rian Lougheed-Smith
Sid Noormohamed
Dan Sokolowski
Steven Winton
Evan & Aubyn
Rozalind MacPhail
Rick Zimmer & Veronica Verkley
Reno Lazdins
Kerry Barber & Jackson Lovett

A jury decided that Rick Zimmer and Veronica Verkley's "1 Minute Eclair" was the best film. Smartly organized and shot in true dogma fashion and those eclairs made for the screening were fabulous! The audience also got to participate and voted "am/pm" by Kerry Barber and Jackson Lovett as their favorite.

An added bonus to this years festival was the ability to work with composer/musician, Rozalind MacPhail (a 1 minute film challenge founder) to compose soundtracks for the films. After many nights of no sleep and recording weird sounds around Dawson, Rozalind created scores for 17 of the 24 films.

Many of the screening attendees went away planning their next 1 minute movie!

Sponsored by KIAC and Kodak and generously supported by the Yukon Film and Sound Commission.


The 2nd Annual took place during and immdiately following the 2010 Dawson City International Short Film Festival.

Each participant was given a super 8 camera to shoot an in-camera film (1/ 2 roll approx 1 minute) and then pass the camera on to another participant. Participants may also use their own video cameras to shoot a 1 minute film.

Screening: Saturday, May 1, 2010
8pm, KIAC Ballroom

Over 30 short fims by Dawsonites and guests of the film festival! See films by Ken Gregory, Marv Newland, Karen Hines, Gaille Addison & Joey Dubuc, Evelyn Pollock & Meg Walker, Amelia Merhar, Allie Winton, Georgia Fraser & Dylan Myerhofer, Karen Dubois' Zombie Crew, Evan Rensch, Pandora Evans, Calhoun Keating-Malay, Lulu Keating, Rod Malay, Katherine Berger, Julia Feyrer, Brian Stetham, Karen Mackay, Andrew Connors, Ed Westerhuis, Gail Calder, Kit Hepburn, Terry Haines, Ben Rudis, Suzanne Crocker, Dan Sokolowski, Kerry Barber, Jay Armitage, David Curtis, Charles Stankeiwich and more.

read about Ken Gregory's piece! click


32 people crammed into the main floor studio of Macaulay House on Saturday night, April 25th to view 25 films by 21 filmmakers in the 1st Annual Dawson City 1 Minute Film Challenge.

Initiated by Artists in Residence Scott Amos and Rozalind MacPhail, the crowd was treated to some beautiful, weird, whacky and hilarious entries.

Filmmakers included some of the out of town film festival guests (Deco Dawson, Terry Haines, Elisabeth Belliveau, Lisa Pasold), as well as 1st time filmmakers, Kathryn Bruce, Rozalind MacPhail., Rachel Weigers, Karen MacKay, Lisa Pasold, and Jen Laliberté. There were even "Golden Reel" and Free Store Construction Awards, that went to Amy-Lynn Karchut, Rachel Wiegers & Tara Rudnickas, Lulu Keating & Veroncia Verkley, David H. Fraser, David Curtis, Karen MacKay, Rozalind MacPhail, Suzanne Crocker and Kathryn Bruce!

Other participants were Scott Amos, ChrisClarke, Tara Rudnickas, Jessie Currell Ben Rudis, Charles Stankeivich and Dan Sokolowski.


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November 9-11, 2018
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