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FRiDAY, APRIL 14, 2017

Artless Collective
Dead North Video Bootcamp

at YUKON SOVA, 3rd and Queen


aRTLeSS Collective will host a 4hr workshop that will revolve around the idea of getting one 1 minute, effective and professionally made film produced over the weekend which they will help produce.

The 4 Hour Bootcamp
This is an intensive filmmaking mentor workshop. It is open to filmmakers of all levels who want to hone their production skills. It is open to 10 people. who will divide into 2 production teams where Pablo and Jay will serve as producers/mentors on each film.

They will then run them through the same process that everyone gets to run through for the Dead North Film Festival. These do not need to be genre films, they can be any genre, but the 4hrs will be more or less divided into the following tasks:
• Concept creation and script writing
• Pre-Production and casting
• Shooting Schedule/1st AD prep and Rehearsal
• Rehearsals/Tech Scout

Each team is then asked to commit to shooting their film over the weekend and deliver their film at Sunday’s final screening.

aRTLeSS Collective is a Yellowknife based creative media studio, run by Jay Bulckaert and Pablo Saravanja. They have been working at the forefront of film, television and media production in the NWT for more than 20 years combined.

aRTLeSS Collective was created in 2012 and since then, they have had a hand in some of the most exciting film projects to be produced in the NWT in the last 10 years.



Opening Reception in the ODD Gallery

Please join us for the Opening Reception of Cold Cuts Video Festival V:
April 14th from 4-6pm in the ODD Gallery.

Cold Cuts Video Festival is the fifth annual curated exhibition of video works by contemporary Canadian artists, run in conjunction with the Dawson City International Short Film Festival.

Curated by Kate Armstrong, Cosmic Histories features five videos by contemporary, Canadian artists using science fiction as a way to investigate landscape, politics, and identity.

Click here for the COLD CUTS WEB SITE


Screening Sponsor

Everything Under The Sun
Jeffrey Langille, 5m, Yukon, Experimental
An unblinking, direct gaze at the sun. A field recording containing human voices, bird songs, and machine sounds accompanies the austere video image. This work brings sound to the foreground, and also explores slow time and the nature of attention.

The Observance Of Yolo
Krista Davis, 4m, Yukon, Experimental
Ambition, nostalgia, boredom. The Observance of YOLO proposes strategies for navigating pesky human complexities. And the gurus of this practice: your faithful dogs.

Old Crow Solar Project
Daniel Janke, 6m, Yukon, Documentary
The Old Crow Solar Project will be the largest solar photovoltaic installation across the Canadian north, demonstrating the technological and economic viability of renewable energy in the Arctic.

Dandelion Wishes
Suzanne Crocker, 9m, Yukon, Documentary
Finding the joy in the conventional....and the unconventional.

Pictures Don’t Lie
Lulu Keating, 20m, Yukon, Documentary
Through his own words, illuminated with family photographs,
JJ Van Bibber tells the story of his life during a century in the
Yukon Territory.

Le Sigh

Moira Sauer, 3m, Yukon, Documentary
A fresh take from a new arrival in the North

Second Nature: FERAL

Veronica Verkley, Yukon, 10m animation
An abandoned, post-apocalyptic house deteriorates as time, nature and the elements take over, destroy, but ultimately transform it.


Vivian Belik, Naomi Mark, 9m, Yukon, Documentary
In the wake of her mother’s death, dog sledder Yuka Honda prepares to compete in the 1,000 mile Yukon Quest from Fairbanks, Alaska to Whitehorse, Yukon. We follow Yuka as she meets these challenges with an infectious spirit of determination.

A Spark in the Dark: Tinder Users in the North

Chris Healey/James Healey Yukon, 16m, Documentary
A Spark in the Dark: Tinder Users in the North explores love & technology in a small, remote town during the dark and freezing sub-arctic winter. This short doc follows the stories of four Tinder users who share their perspective about Dawson City’s unique relationship with dating apps.

FRIDAY, 9:30pm

il carro, il carro arrugginito, e il mucchio di spazzatura.
(the wagon, the rusty cart, and the junk pile.)

Lindsay McIntyre, Alberta, 3m, experimental
65 shots, a mathematical pattern, and three glorious minutes in exploration of form.


Joel Penner, Manitoba, 5m, animation
Pepo is an imaginative exploration of the beauty found as zucchini and squash foliage and flowers desiccate on computer scanners.

My Favourite Season

Liz Cairns, BC, 13m, narrative
Summer is over and Nell got an ‘F’ on her first assignment of the school year. Things look up when her and her best friend, Angie, find out they have an apartment to themselves for the afternoon.

The Woman Who Saw the Bear

Joannie Lafrenière, Quebec, 17m, documentary
Since 1980, Lucille Côté has lived in Laterrière, surrounded by more than 250 animals. With a silver mane and candid demeanor, Lucille practices a craft that has long been the exclusive domain of men: taxidermy. Through various contemplative and country-flavoured tableaux, we meet a particular breed of taxidermist, living outside of the digital age, with enough skills to get by in the woods without a compass or a frying pan.


Theodore Ushev, Quebec, 5m, animation
A surrealist journey through colours and shapes inspired by the poem ‘Romance Sonámbulo’ by Federico García Lorca. Visual poetry in the rhythm of fantastic dreams and passionate nights.

Tennis Story

Tyson Caron, Manitoba, 16m, documentary
K Dog and The Douglas have been tennis partners for over 30 years. Each year they prove that health and age are obstacles that can be challenged and overcome. With The Douglas’ health deteriorating, will this be their final season playing at McFadyen Park?


Jonas Selberg Augustsén, Sweden, 29m, drama
The film follows three young girls’ activities during a festive summer night in the northern part of Sweden. The girls are attending a party in a big old house, where both the previous owners oddly enough were one-eyed.

Friday 11:30pm

Day 40
Sol Freidman, Ontario, 5m, animation
Exploring the viability and the ethical implications of the story of Noah’s ark, this is a thought-provoking, insightful, and irreverent take on the classic tale of judgement, mercy and salvation.

Bird Songs of Doom

Lansing Bruce Robertson, Manitoba, 4m, animation
It’s doomsday and the birds are singing merrily. Turns out they’re probably up to something. Thanks a lot birds.

The Sugaring Off

Alexander Isabelle, Quebec, 15m, drama
Bernard is an austere man whose sole occupation is to care for his beloved Line, who is very ill. Their son organizes a sugaring off party that forces Bernard to reconnect with the exhilaration of spring.

and the moon rose in our eyes

Eric Plamondon, Manitoba, 3m, drama
The first date, the second, the third. Each nervous, each escalating, each creating expectations, each establishing a connection. Intimacy woven in each encounter. At one point, you can tell, the moon rose in their eyes.

Subnivean Snuff

Rachel Evans, Alberta, 14m, animation
An animated historical environmental crime story, exploring
human desires to manipulate ecosystems and their inhabitants

it’s my fault

Sha Liu, China, 5m, animation
After the compression of the spiritual world by the force of regulation, there will follow a series of emotions such as introspection, violence, self-destruction, and untangling. This work utilizes the approach of the digital medium itself to deconstruct, to form the subliminal synesthesia visually and to create a fictional experience for the mind.


Tess Martin, USA, 4m, animation
In Italian playgrounds a song is chanted that dates back to World War I. This paint on glass animation tells this dark tale of a soldier who returns home from war to find his girlfriend has left him.

Tipping Point

Stephanie Young, 7m, drama
Riley is a socially-awkward barista who is crushing hard on Piper, an attractive customer who always seems to over-tip. Despite encouragement from Brad, their outgoing coworker, they don’t think they stand a chance. When they see her performing at a burlesque show, they are given the opportunity to overcome their shyness and tell her how they really feel.


Theo Sena, USA, 4m, drama
A man wakes up and fixes a world that isn’t broken
(Film begins with 15 seconds of sound over black)


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November 9-11, 2018
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