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9 am-12 pm
Unlocking FCP 7


Even with the release of Apple’s new Final Cut X, many filmmakers/editors are still working with Final Cut 7. Smaller, independent producers, also do not have access to high end finishing software such as DaVinci (Video) or Pro Tools (Audio). Van Cooper will concentrate on the finishing tools of Final Cut Pro 7. He will unlock the Video and Audio Filters that are needed to fine tune a project for release. Specific items covered will be grading/colour correction using Final Cuts video filters menu. As well he will cover the Audio filters menu and show how to clean up sound files including exporting sound file to Soundtrack Pro (included in the final cut suite) and cleaning up unwanted audio. Van will also touch on some of the “special effects” that can be created through FCP. (i.e.
green screen, distortion, animations)

Participants will be encouraged to bring in their own laptops for the presentation as well as bring specific questions they may have.

Cooper is an experienced television and film editor and colorist. With industry experience that ranges from; offline/ online/vfx editor to colorist, postproduction supervisor, editing supervisor and workflow consultant. He’s earned credits from several Hollywood films, shorts, television series’ and commercials. As well as documentary and news programs. Cooper has significant experience teaching the technical aspect of editing and is known by the nick-name “Final Cut Coach”. He’s an accomplished post-production expert, deeply versed in all aspects including; editing, color correction and visual effects. Currently working on a Hollywood BlockBuster as
vfx editor.



1–4 pm (Workshop)
DSLR Video for Filmmakers!
With Flick Harrison
At Yukon SOVA, 3rd and Queen


In this 3-hour session, participants will be introduced to DSLR cinematography for documentary and drama. Bring your own DSLR camera and compare with your colleagues’! We’ll discuss the differences between DSLR cameras and dedicated film or video cameras, including advantages and disadvantages in comparison to ENG and cinema cameras around Run’n’gun, sound, stabilization, form factor, overheating, and data rates.

Interchangeable lenses bring the beauty (and danger) of depth-of field but a whole new category of learning about chips, adapters, connectivity, speed doublers and more. We’ll touch on gear that can make your DSLR behave more like a regular camera, replace or adapt some of the functions like sound recording, and hacking your cam to unleash the power inside it. And we’ll talk practicalities of hand-holding with or without rigs, manual vs. automatic adjustments, monitoring or using separate-system sound.

Flick Harrison (www.flickharrison.com) is a writer, media artist, filmmaker, hacker, community artist, educator and drone pilot in Vancouver. Starting out on the CBC youth series Road Movies as one of Canada’s first professional videographers, he’s since made videos in Pakistan, the US, Mexico and China. As part of the Art and Social Change project, he is studying community arts across Canada in conjunction with SFU, Concordia, U of A and U of T.!

His work has been seen on dance and theatre stages, by millions on television, been nominated and won awards internationally, and slipped into, under and through almost every Canadian funding niche. The Globe and Mail called him “hilarious,”
and the Georgia Straight called his work “gorgeously sophisticated.”


Opening Reception at Yukon SOVA (3rd and Queen)

Cold Cuts Video Festival is an annual curated exhibition of video works by contemporary
Canadian and international artists. This event runs in conjunction with the Dawson City International Short Film Festival held in Dawson City, Yukon, Canada.

Faking It
Television occupies the cultural periphery of our everyday. Its structures are entrenched and recognizable. Its intentions are constructed yet ambiguous. Its influence pervasive. And we must question it.

The works in the 2015 iteration of Cold Cuts Video Festival: Faking It use parody and imitation to explore the facets and broad influence of television. Although mimicking the codes of television, these video works defy sublimation into the agendas, politics, and power structures of media conglomerates and imagine a new and glaringly absurd television world. As Alex Bag states, her work “skewers the tropes of consumer and media culture. Questioning how we define ourselves in relation to television, fashion, advertising and the artworld, [these works are] mediated parodies that teeter between celebration and critique.”


Veronica Verkley, Yukon 2m, Animation
A jumble of dusty objects coalesce to cast a shadow –
but it jumps to its own conclusions.

Jim Robb’s Yukon

Andrew Connors/ Zoë Toupin, Yukon, 10m, Documentary
An artist living in Whitehorse for 60 years, Jim Robb’s
illustrations of Yukon characters and landmarks have greatly
influenced the Yukon’s idea of itself. His work was exhibited
in a public art gallery for the first time in 2014.

Annie’s Reel

Arlin McFarlane/Linda Leon, Yukon, 4m, Animation
An unexpected dance enlivens Annie’s world.

Singing Through an Illness

Jessica Hall, Yukon, 7m, Documentary
Yukon musician Nicole Edwards raises awareness about the
rare auto-immune disease scleroderma and gives hope that
one can live well with a chronic illness.

The Art of Balance

Karen Mackay, Yukon, 9m, Documentary
Stone Balance Land Artists from around the world gather
at Remic Rapids, to create ephemeral works of art on the
Ottawa River.

Dead Caribou Dialogue

Lulu Keating, Yukon, 2m, Experimental
In the far north I learned to ask permission of the
animals. But is the caribou’s answer yes or no?

Forever Mom

Jessica Hall, Julie Robinson, Yukon, 15m, Documentary
‘Forever Mom’ is an intimate look into the lives of six mothers
of children with disabilities. Using flowing images and
entwined narratives, the women reveal their stories of love,
of loss, of grief, and the struggle to cope.


lisa g, BC, 7m, exp
An homage to winter north of the Arctic Circle and
what that means. Contains footage of Old Crow Elder,
Joel Peter and thoughtful audio from Brandon K – a
younger member of the community.


Zoë Toupin, Moriah MacMillan, Rosemary Scanlon,
Meagan Deulling, Geneviève Doyon
Yukon, 5m, Experimental

A young woman living at the Radar Apartments
in Lobird is haunted by the radio signals from past

The Wolverine : The Fight of the James Bay Cree

Ernest Webb, Quebec, 9m, Documentary
An ancient legend becomes an allegory for the Cree Nation’s
fight against uranium mining in James Bay, Quebec, Canada.
The Wolverine is a poetic, deeply relevant film that traces
Cree culture, their relationship with the land, and the strength
of their community.

Remembering Claire

Evelyn Pollock, Yukon, 4m, Experimental
A man fights to retain hold on his identity as his mind is
ravaged by disease. Amidst the tumble of recalled images
forming his reality, a love story emerges.

The Future of Northern Agriculture

Meg Walker, Yukon, 4m, Drama
In the not-too-distant future, road access to the North is cut
off in the dead of winter and Yukon agriculturists must step
in to cultivate a mysterious, but essential crop.

We Are From Ontario

Chris McNutt, Yukon, 4m, Documentary
An existential exploration of the immigrant experience in Northern Canada through interpretive dance and spoken word poetry.

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Roll Out Save Tail

John Woods, BC, 3m, Documentary
In 2010, Technicolor closed its film lab in Vancouver – the first
step of what would become a very quick worldwide retreat.
Within three years, Kodak was bankrupt and Technicolor
closed its Hollywood lab. The day before the wreckers came,
I toured what was left of the Vancouver lab.


Rick Fisher, Manitoba, 5m, Experimental
Arcadia uncovers some unpleasant truths about idealized
pastoral landscapes.

Mend and Make Do

Bexie Bush, UK, 8m, Animation
Cup of tea? Come and take a seat in Lyn’s cosy front room, hear
her story of wartime love and watch as her belongings come
alive with the hope, fear and humour of one spirited lady.


Kalli Paakspuu, ON, 4m, Experimental
Shchedryk is designed to pulse with the centuries long
resistance of Ukrainians to colonization. A dance of colour,
tone, line and rhythm, in the spirit of Canadian experimental
animator Norman McLaren, featuring jazz artist Paul Hoffert
in a piano improvisation of the song named, ‘Shchedryk’.

In the Shadow of the North

Raphel Belanger, Quebec, 21m, drama
Somewhere in northern Quebec, a small Aboriginal community
is shaken by the suspicious death of three teenagers.

Still Ruins, Moving Stones

Jessica Auer, Quebec, 13m Documentary
Still Ruins, Moving Stones takes us to South Greenland where
Danish archeologists work on the restoration of some of the
world’s best-preserved Norse ruins. This contemplative film
explores how humans move about altering the landscape –
adding new layers and redacting ancient ones.


Ashley Blue, USA, 16m, drama
A romantic comedy about a young high school teacher
named Dan who attempts to educate himself on the world of
sex through the sex ed students he is forced to teach.

Lovers Lookout

Richard Anthony Dunford, UK, 7m, drama
Ahen out for a stroll, a gentleman spots a saddened lady
and goes over to comfort her.

Chanterelle Rain

Gail Noonan, BC, 4m, animation
Using stop motion with all manner of materials from plasticine
to blossoms, blueberries, salal berries and dryer lint, this film is a
lush and entertaining homage to the passion and obsession these
members of the Fungal Royal Family inspire in mere mortals.

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Beyond the Aurora

Another Statement About Society

Lansing Bruce Robertson, Manitoba,1m, Animation
Behold the salvation the American socio-economic system
has prepared for you.

Dead Hearts

Stephen W. Martin, BC, 17m, drama
A young mortician will give his heart away to find true love.
A whimsical, gothic bedtime story filled with love, loss,
taxidermy, Kung fu, and biker werewolves.

Fecal Matters

Paul Gallasch, Australia, 15m, Documentary
For a long time, faeces has been the enemy of doctors. But
the recent discovery of its ability to cure a deadly disease is
changing the way medicine treats our shit.

Round Trip

Caroline Blais, Quebec, 3m Animation
Going on a trip, uprooting yourself, getting lost, taking your
mind off things, coming back transformed.


Cory Bowles, NS, 11m, Drama
After an argument with his sister about her choice of
boyfriend, a young black man spends the day blowing off
steam, striking a psychological blow to a white male after
believing he is being profiled - an encounter that becomes
much more after he discovers that his target is closer than he
could ever expect.

Mirror in Mind

Seung Hee Kim, Korea, 2m, animation
A woman looks into her mind. Chasing her ideals on a
tightrope. Every imperfect piece of her mind completes


Martin Edralin, Ontario, 15m, Drama
A daring portrait of a disabled man yearning for intimacy in a
world that would rather ignore him.


Alvaro Martin, Spain, 9m, drama
Writing a school report about your father’s occupation can be
a challenge, especially when his work is disturbing.

We live in Wonderful Times

Michel Lam, Quebec, 10m, Drama
Mathieu is a successful young man. He has a beautiful
girlfriend, a thriving company, a nice apartment and all that
he desires. Until one day, he desires a little too much...

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November 9-11, 2018
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