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Cold Cuts Video Festival is an exhibition of video works by contemporary Canadian artists. This event will run in conjunction with the Dawson City International Short Film Festival and expand the scope of time-based media presented during the festival weekend.

The exhibition is installed between the two venues of
The Gallery at the Yukon School of Visual Arts and the KIAC Ballroom.

Thematically, the installation at the Yukon School of Visual Arts Gallery includes videos that address the artist’s bodily intersection with their environment, as is witnessed in the performative gestures presented on screen. The video works installed in the KIAC Ballroom negotiate the bodily intersection with space from the point of view of the camera, thereby offering the viewer a perspective more entangled with that of the artist. Curated by Nicole Rayburn.

Please join us for the Opening Reception from 4 to 5pm
in The Gallery at the Yukon School of Visual Arts on Friday,
March 29th, 2013.

Many thanks to the Yukon Arts Fund, Klondike Institute of Art and Culture and the Yukon School of Visual Arts for their generous support of this inaugural event.


Telepathacats FASTWURMS, 3:20, 2003
Telepathacats elevates a minor character from the homoerotic subtext of the military industrial complex in Fantastic Voyage (1966), into a queer magical avatar. This occult character, “the man with the white glove”, is translated and reflected in the action sequence of a pair of circumpolar snow Witches who magically direct a posse of barn cats with the DIY love power of the black glove.

Pond Deirdre Logue, 4:30, 2012
Using bread and the fish in an overpopulated swimming hole, the artist tests her nerve with the act of reciprocation and her fear of the monsters that reside below the surface. Situating the body in initially reassuring environments, this work illustrates how navigating even the most pastoral landscapes can result in turmoil between animated forms.

The Hill Dana Claxton, 3:49, 2004
An aboriginal woman walks around the parliament buildings in Canada’s capital, searching for a way in.

Precipitate Jennifer Campbell, 3:43, 2010
Precipitate documents the artist suspended in the air in the midst of a grove of trees, spouting water in the form of a human fountain. The video is meant to trigger various interpretations: lawn-sprinkler, ninja, woodland creature,
or sacrificial performance, all of which are informed by the context in which the action takes place.

Vigil 5.4 Paul Wong (Rebecca Belmore) 8:29 2010
In 2002, Paul Wong recorded Rebecca Belmore’s performance Vigil. “Performing on a street corner in the Downtown East Side, Rebecca Belmore commemorates the lives of missing and murdered aboriginal women who have disappeared from the streets of Vancouver. She scrubs the street on hands and knees, lights votive candles, and nails the long red dress she is wearing to a telephone pole.


The Long Now Veronica Verkley, 40:00, 2013
Shot from a single point, at the same time daily, over the course of 3 years, of the same wilderness landscape from our hill top bush cabin. Nothing much happens: distant barking...falling leaves...chainsaw buzz...sundogs... forest fire haze...long silences...the minutiae of bush life; the slow unfolding of place and time.

Tracking Sasquatch (field report #1)
Christina Battle, 5:00, 2010
A search for the elusive Sasquatch. The first two chapters in an ongoing series.

Storm Paul Wong, 7:30, 2009
Storm, quite simply is a video recording of a car ride at night
in hurricane forces. This is visual art that delivers
us from the purely visual back to the world of
the physical experience with all our
senses awakened.


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