Saturday, April 7, 12:30pm-2pm
Wide Angle

Sundown at the Dusty Trail
Darryl Nepinak, Manitoba, Canada, 2 min 24 sec

A single take super 8 film challenge explores the nature of the cowboys and Indian myth perpetuated by wide screen Hollywood movies.


Down Payment on a Dead Horse
Jason Britski, Saskatchewan, Canada, 8 min

Winter can be both stunningly beautiful, and completely unrelenting and severe (as can most families). What interests me is this dichotomy.



Keesic Douglas, Ontario, Canada, 7 min
An unlikely design duo helps a young couple redecorate their home… ‘rez’ style. (IN)


A Portrait in a Letter – Somewhere in England (World Premiere)
Roy Cross, Quebec, Canada, 6 min

A 16mm black and white film that combines archival and documentary footage. The film recounts, though a series of letters, about a World War II airman — John Broughton — whose bomber crashed during a training mission. His entire crew was killed and he suffered horrible burns to his face, and 70% of his body. He convalesced at a military hospital where the first experimental skin graft operations were conducted. His letters display both a gruesome account of his injuries and a poignant longing for home.


Bicycling as Truth
Sabrina Mathews, Ontario, Canada, 9 min 45 sec

A man rides his bike through busy Vancouver streets. He turns into the alleys to escape from the frenzy of downtown and finds other people there who have done the same. Based on a poem by Robin Matthews


Heidi Slat, Yukon Territory, Canada, 4 min 26 sec

A mother reveals the journey she has had in having a son with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. She discusses the judgement she faces from society despite the lack of knowledge there was about the effects of alcohol on the fetus at the time. Mother and son learn to live with FASD through strength, understanding and love. (YV)


La Farruca
Geneviňve Allard, Qu»bec, Canada, 7 min 10 sec

This video conveys the essence, the fervor and the interiority of flamenco dance, as well as the sobriety of its traditional yet contemporary imagery. Farruca means a flamenco rhythm inspired from Andalusian folklore. It is also the name of a dance traditionally preferred by men. Linear movements, rapid and vigorous footwork set it apart from other flamenco dances, usually more fluid and feminine. Farruca's modern movements and powerful grace are just as moving as its soft melodies with amazingly intense rhythmic improvisations.


My Grandmother and I

Ann-Christine Haupt, Sweden, 13 min

MY GRANDMOTHER AND I is a portrait about the director's grandmother. After getting married, she moved from Muonio S∑mi village, where she had grown up in a lap cot. She never spoke of her past, but showed her love for the Forest S∑mi culture through her handicrafts and everyday actions. The director has made a warm, human portrait about her roots. (ON/IN)


Written in Stone

Christopher Redmond, Ontario, Canada
, 4 min
Written in Stone is a mini-documentary on the process and emotional significance of engraving headstones. Inspired by the poetic documentaries of the 1920s and Errol Morris’ reflexive documentary style today, the director’s goal was to create something distinctly cinematic as opposed to journalistic.
(Filmmaker in Attendance)


Nostalgia Boy
Michael Meinhardt, Bristish Columbia, Canada, 18 min 45 sec

A young man adrift in a dream world of nostalgia confronts his arch nemesis in order to save what he loves most — his past.

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