Friday, April 6, 9:30-11 pm

And away we go…

For all things possible
Elisabeth Belliveau Quebec Canada, 2 min
This is a short animation, made by drawing with black plasticine on graph paper. It is shot frame by frame, and accompanied by the song “boxcar” written and sung by Rae Spoon. This animation begins simply with two women on a bus, as the bus passes through, things begin to transform braiding landscape, animals and people. This animation explores the interconnectedness of things and the way moments and daydreams imply all things possible. Love loss and longing and general directions.


Rachel Clarke, United Kingdom, 5 min 45 sec

As the Yukon and Klondike rivers begin to freeze in winter everything in Dawson seems to come to a standstill. As night becomes indistinguishable from day, stillness becomes indistinguishable from movement and time shifts becoming erratic and muddled. Music by Dave Barrett


Matt Greyson, Ontario, Canada, 11 min 1 sec

Over the course of a year, I spent my time making following ‘Acting 300’, a course for aspiring actors. During this time, through interviews and capturing the instructor’s ‘methods’, I was able to watch these young students come to terms with not only their craft, but also; themselves.


Poetic Motion
Andrew M. Gribble, USA, 3 min 7 sec

Poetic Motion is a series of short poems which seek to immerse the viewer in a world which is at once familiar and strange; real and fictional.


Contained Chaos: the Kinetic Sculpture of Philippe LeBlond

Rod Jacob, Yukon Territory, Canada, 5 min
Whitehorse bicycle mechanic Philippe LeBlond spends his spare time designing and building quirky kinetic sculptures out of metal. This short documentary explores the inner workings of the sculptures and the sculptor. (YV)


High Plains Winter
Cindy Stillwell Ringling, USA, 10 min.
High Plains Winter (the final installment of an experimental outdoors trilogy) is a film about the winter landscape and how it affects the human spirit on the high plains of Montana. The American/Scandinavian sport skijoring, which involves a horse & rider pulling a skier, is the centerpiece of this visual study of winter on the high plains. Alongside the sport imagery are majestic, winter landscapes and signs of domestic life: horses, dogs and people. (RR)


Good Morning Native America
Darryl Nepinak, Manitoba, Canada, 5 min
Check out granny’s bingo card collection and more on everybody’s favourite morning show, coming to you from Darryl’s basement and over your local cable television network. (IN)


Lightning Doodle Project [pikapika]

Takeshi Nagata & Kazue Monno, Japan, 4 min

Filmed in various places in Japan, (parks, bridges, Tokyo Bay, school hallways) this film allowed people to meet new friends as they created a piece of art. (OIAF)


Swimming Lessons

Ellen Raine Scott, BC, Canada, 7 min

Eight year old Zoie hates to get wet. She hates swimming. And above all, she hates swimming lessons. And today is the worst Saturday in swimming lesson history — because today — is testing day.


On The Road
Maciej Adamek Warsaw Poland, 29 min
The characters shown in the film are JŪzef and Basia — a homeless married couple. It depicts their journey through Poland in search of a home they could call their own. In this documentary ‘road movie’ they meet different people who might help them find their own place. It turns out it is not the house that really counts for them, but the very fact that they are together. So long as they are together there is hope they can still make it.

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