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SUNDAY, Apri 20th

with David Hechenberger

One of the most important elements of any video is the quality of the sound. A clear recording made in the field can make or break your production. It is also one on the most inexpensive ways to increase the quality of your production. By taking the time and effort to prepare your sound tech for your shoot, you will save constant hours in post-production fixing “bad” sound, which some times cannot be fixed. Good sound goes “unnoticed” in a theatre while nothing says ‘amateur” like bad sound.

This workshop is for people with an interest in developing skills and an understanding of how sound recording works for video and film production.

The workshop will cover location sound for independent filmmakers with clips and demonstrations. The session will compare wireless lavalier vs directional microphones and their applications, recording to external recorders and direct to camera and sorting out your sound workflow from production to post. David will also touch on the philosophies of capturing good sound with basic tools and small crews. It will cover tricks and suggestions for deciding on the best approach and tools to capturing sound before you press record. This will include how to hook up your sound equipment to various cameras, mike techniques and types, and getting the best sound possible. The course will also touch on best practices when working in professional situations.

David has travelled extensively and worked as an location audio recorder for many films and TV networks including the Outdoor Life Network, CBC,CTV, HGTV and the Sci-Fi Channel.

Born and raised in Prince George, BC. Now lives and works in Vancouver as a location sound mixer. David has been a musician, tree planter, student, and traveled on working holidays. His Dad taught him about photography and dark-rooms and his first film experience was with 16mm film and worked as an editor for a small production company. David’s Credits include many documentary and feature films, including Nettie Wild’s Fix: The Tale of An Addicted City, which was nominated for a Genie for best overall Documentary. Other credits are, Hardwood (Hubert Davis), Shipyards Lament (Andy Connors), Team Spirit (Big Red Barn), The Hunt and The Walk (Dennis Allen).


Daisy’s Christmas

4 min, documentary, Fritz Mueller, Teresa Earle, Yukon
Daisy yearns to be included in holiday festivities with her family, but what she finds is more enduring.

The History of Typography

3 min, documentary , Ben Barrett-Forrest, Yukon
A short, educational animation about the history of fonts and typography. In a paper cutout stop-motion style, it begins with Gutenberg’s creation of the first typeface, travels through the innovations of Jenson, Caslon, and Bodoni, to the modern creation of Futura and the democratization of fonts in the digital age. A charming, engaging film about a technology that is all around us, but few people know much about.

Like a River

8 min, documentary, Erin McKnight, Yukon
Like a River explores the metaphor “grief is like a river”. Between 1998–2000, Erin McKnight paddled 9000 km across Canada to raise awareness about mental illness. What she didn’t expect, was how the expeditions brought up memories of her mom who commited suicide when she was nine years old.

Pippi Goes On Strike

3 min, comedy, Aud Fischer, Yukon
Little mouse Pippi does not like the small ball so he goes on strike during training time.

Grey Matters

6 min, comedy, Chris Clarke, Cathie Findlay-Brook
Strange disappearances in the Henderson region outside Dawson spark two filmmkares on an investigative speculate... what is going on??

Our Life River Changes

25 min, documentary, Bill Kendrick, Yukon
Dawson City residents and others offer varied observations about climate change and healthy living alongside the Yukon River. What do we know? Can we adapt?

Enough to Get By

9 min, drama Christopher Griffiths, Tyler Kuhn, Kieran O’Donovan, Yukon
Created as part of a 48-hour filmmaking challenge, Enough to Get By explores the unique cadence and desolation of northern life – and its opportunities for introspection. What can we live with? How much is enough? The same day to day activities that keep us moving forward can also send us reeling back.

Deal With It, Sister

4 min, documentary, Julie Robinson, Yukon
Mallory Pigage is a relentles advocate for herself and others with intellectual disabilities. This is a whole-hearted rant about her life’s struggles and triumphs.

Life is a Dance

15 min, documentary, Cynthia Hunt, Yukon
A woman faces her fear of ageing by recording her mother’s stories and discovers how to live life fully, at any age.

Sound Faith

7 min, documentary, Julie Robinson, Yukon
Cheri Wilson, performs a stirring rendition of the slave trade classic “Amazing Grace”. As a blind person, Cheri strongly identifies with this song’s messages of hope, redemption and forgiveness.

North Watch

5 min, animation, Jay Armitage, Ex-Yukon
Recently there has been a lot of interest in Northern themed film/TV projects. An enterprising young man, Dryfus, makes a presentation pitch to executives at the World Media Festival to promote more production ideas about the North.



Curent KIAC artist in residence Madi Piller is an independent filmmaker, programmer and curator.

As an artist, her abstract images are drawn from film explorations (Super 8, 16mm and 35mm), as well as photography and video. The imagery resulting is often influenced by diverse techniques of animation.

Her films have been screened at various festivals and art venues nationally and internationally. Her work has been produced with the support of the Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts. Madi’s admiration for the art of animation has motivated her to serve as volunteer President of the Toronto Animated Image Society (TAIS) Board of Directors. As curator Madi Piller has presented the projects Eleven In Motion: Abstract Expressions in Animation and HELLO AMIGA and in development Op Art Re-Imaged: Imaginable Spaces

Exploring the Tool Box : Mix Media Filmmaking
Madi will share her creative process to develop experimental films or videos. She will be screening a couple of short films and illustrate the concepts and technicalities behind them.




2 min, animation, Tess Martin, USA
Size envy never got anyone anywhere. A short about a snowball and his Napoleon complex.


13 min, documentary, Jason Stanfield, USA
Eugene is a last-days confessional of a man who died alone in his tent in San Francisco’s Presidio. Known around the area as ‘Buddy,’ he and his cat Trouble were a common sight panhandling on Chestnut Street, his good cheer masking a painful and damning secret about his past.

The Broken Altar

20 min, Documentary, Mike Rollo, Québec
The Broken Altar is a portrait of open-air theaters documented under the strange light of day.

Not Delivered

3 min, animation, Vincent René-Lortie, Québec
When the postman turned off the lights and put the key in the lock, no one doubts that dozens of unclaimed parcels and letters become alive and live by the night.

Welcome Yankee

21 min, drama, Benoit Desjardins, Quebec
Amant and Aslan are persecuted. At stake are their lives and the life of their child. On the other side of the Earth flies a beacon of hope, where diversity is welcomed, and the scars of the past fade into comfort and indifference.

Packing Up The Wagon:
The Last Days Of Wagon Wheel Lunch

25 min, documentary, John Scoles, Mike Maryniuk, Manitoba
The Wagon Wheel was famous for the culinary crown jewel of its Clubhouse Sandwich. By allowing the restaurant to be torn down, a city has severed ties with its past. This film chronicles the last days and destruction of an iconic Winnipeg restaurant.


Yellow Sticky Notes | Canadian Anijam

8 min, animation, Jeff Chiba Stearns
For the first time in Canadian history, 15 of Canada’s most celebJrated independent animators have come together to create a collaborative animated film using only 4x6 inch yellow sticky notes, a black pen and animation meditation.

Fur Harvesters NWT

8 min, documentary, Pablo Saravanja/Jay Bulckaert, NWT
Based just outside of Hay River, Andrew Stanley runs his trapline where he harvests lynx, wolverine, marten, wolf, coyote and other fur bearing animals that fetch top price at the Fur Harvesters Auction.

What Was a Wild Night

5 min, animation, Sarah Pupo, Québec
What Was a Wild Night was made collaboratively by artist Sarah Pupo (Montreal, Quebec) and musician Nina Nielsen (Oslo, Norway).
Using paint and paper cutouts on glass, characters were created and scenes improvised in direct response to the soundtrack. The result is reminiscent of a live drawing populated by meandering psychedelia and dark forms that transform, vanish and rise again.


17 min, comedy, Kristina Wagenbauer, Canada/Switzerland
Mila, a 10 year old girl, is working day and night on a very special gift featuring her unknowing family.

Blotto 649

3 min, experimental, Mike Maryniuk, Manitoba
A fantastic journey of colour using 6490 photographs of spin art micro paintings.

Mohawk Midnight Runners

17 min, drama, Zoe Hopkins, Ontario
This is a comedic story about camaraderie and release that shows Grant finding freedom from his darkness and love for life... by running naked on the highway.

Portraits from Varangerfjord

13 min, documentary, Egil Pederson, Norway
A feel-good documentary filmed in Nesseby, Finnmark, in Northern Norway. The film portrays several people that have a strong connection to nature, to old Sámi traditions, and to the small community they live in.

Ordinary Gold

9 min, comedy, Brian Lye, BC
A quiet, narrated, black and white, slow and funny film about fictional residents of Dawson City, Yukon.


The Challenge:
Create a 5-minute (maximum) short film with a minimum of resources in one week.

Three teams will work under the mentorship of filmmaker Ingrid Venninger to produce micro budget short films in the week before the film festival.

The Teams:
Simon D’Amours: Off The Beaten Track / Documentary

Chris Clarke, Cathie Findlay-Brook: Lamentable Losses / Animation

Alyssa Friessen, Diego Martin, Nicole Becker: Page 567 / Drama

Films will be screened before the awards at 9:30 pm in the ballroom

Born in Bratislava and raised in Canada, Ingrid Veninger formed pUNK Films Inc. in 2003 with a ‘nothing is impossible’ manifesto. An award-winning producer, Ingrid’s credits include 6 feature films in the past 6 years: GAMBLING, GODS AND LSD (TIFF 2002, Genie Award Best Documentary), THE LIMB SALESMAN (TIFF 2004, Gotenborg, Vladivostok), ONLY (TIFF 2008, Rome, Slamdance), NURSE.FIGHTER.BOY (TIFF 2008,
10 Genie Nominations including Best Motion Picture, Karlovy Vary, Mannheim-Heidelberg). MODRA (TIFF 2010, Canada’s TOP TEN, Bratislava, Sao Paulo), i am a good person/i am a bad person (TIFF 2011, MoMA, Goa), and THE END OF TIME (TIFF 2012, Masters Programme, Locarno, Busan, IDFA). In 2012, Ingrid executive produced 5 features for $5000, and launched the 1KWAVE in Toronto. THE ANIMAL PROJECT (World Premiere, TIFF 2013) is her latest feature as writer/producer/director.

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November 9-11, 2018
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