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SATURDAY, April 19th

12 noon

Canada Council Info Session with Ian Ried

The Canada Council was created by an Act of Parliament in 1957 Canada Council for the Arts Act to foster and promote the study and enjoyment of, and the production of works in, the arts, and operate at “arm’s length” or independently of government.
A few of the council’s fundamental values are:
• support freedom of artistic expression from control or dominance by external forces such as governments and markets, a value reinforced by the arm’s length relationship.
• believe in government investment in the arts as a public good enabling the arts to contribute to peoples’ lives, encouraging arts development across Canada, and freeing art from complete reliance on the marketplace.
• seek to develop excellent art in Canada by focusing on professional artistic activity by individuals and organizations, respecting artistic excellence as the primary criterion in providing grants, and relying on peer assessment as the best method for determining comparative merit in a national context.
• respect the regional diversity of Canada and recognize the need to support professional artistic activity in all parts of the country.
• respect the histories, traditions, languages and contemporary practices of Aboriginal Peoples and seek to foster the development of Aboriginal artists and organizations.
• respect artists and arts organizations from diverse cultural and racial backgrounds and traditions and seek to develop the work of these artists and organizations.

Ian Reid, will outline the programs that can assist filmmakers and media artists in the north, navigate through the council’s website and give tips to assist in the application process. www.canadacouncil.ca



4 min, animation, Jack Amos, Yukon
An experiment that shows the wonders of clay.

The Visit

4 min, animation, Lisa Jackson, Canada
The Visit tells the true story of a Cree family’s strange encounter one winter night, which results in a conversation beyond words.

Shopping Carts

4 min, comedy, Mannie Sharma, Yukon
Safety among the aisles.


4 min, animation, Medina Dennie, Zaiyah Dennie , Ocean Demuth, Alberta
Two turtles embark on a dangerous quest for friendship. Will an encounter with a sea monster, a Sasquatch, and magical fairies, lead them to a true friend?

Cat’s Cradle

10 min, animation, Paul Driessen, Canada
This short animated fable stars witches, cloaked riders and other Gothic characters, in a tale about the hungry natural world. Here the artist plays cat’s cradle with ideas, especially the notion that one thing leads to another and that lives lead from one to another. Without words but featuring a witch’s brew of sounds.


7 min, animation, Nicolas Brault, Canada
Combining figurative abstraction with magic realism, this animated short depicts a world in which whales fall out of the sky and fish turn into balloons. We are all affected by the fate of the Arctic, which each year is disappearing a little farther into the ocean.

How Dinosaurs Learned to Fly

6 min animation, Munro Ferguson, Canada
The dinosaurs were headed for trouble. They ate nothing but junk food. They never brushed their teeth. They stayed up all night. And though they loved jumping off cliffs, they didn’t like the landings much. The early mammals tried to warn them. “Keep that up and you’ll all be extinct!” they said. But the dinosaurs just laughed... and over time, they evolved into birds.

The Rib Off

5 min, documentary, Oliver Flegel, Yukon
A fierce competition heats up Dawson City in winter.

The Secrets of the Secret Mansion

8 min, drama, Tess Crocker, Yukon
Mary, a curious and adventuresome girl, finds more than she expected when she is sent to market for some groceries..

Maq and the Spirit of the Woods

8 min, animation, Phylis Grant, Canada
This animated short tells the story of Maq, a Mi’gmaq boy who realizes his potential with the help of inconspicuous mentors.

You Don’t Know Jack
10 min, documentary, Kyle Nixon, Yukon

What would you do if you couldn’t have a conversation with someone you loved – or even understand what he was thinking? Eighteen year old Kyle Nixon, whose younger brother Jack has autism, has been trying to figure that out for most of his life. It turns out that the answers to his puzzle also offer insight into the value and dignity of every one of us.

Also screening are the winning entries from the Yukon Workers Compensation Health and Safety Board’s Works Safety Video Contest.

at DZCC, York and Front Street

I Can’t Remember

4 min, experimental, Michelle Latimer, Ontario
One woman’s haunted past leads her to embark upon a metamorphic journey towards freedom and acceptance.

Treaty Number Three

4 min, documentary, Danielle Sturk, Manitoba
A unique video portrait of visual and performance artist Rebecca Belmore, 2013 Laureate of the Governor General’s Award in Visual and Media Arts. The work is inspired by the spoken words of chief Mawe-do-pe-nais from an 1873 treaty negotiation recording of Belmore’s ancestral land.


2 min, experimental, Brenna George, Manitoba
“Spring” evokes the emotion of spring, where the bleakness of winter cracks open to the fragile but unstoppable bounty of springtime hope. The basic narrative structure of first comes love and then comes babies with the metaphor of the tree of life, the family tree.

The Orphan and the Polar Bear

9 min, animation, Neil Christopher, Nunavut
According to Inuit oral history, long ago animals had the power of speech, could shift their appearances, and could even assume human form. A neglected orphan is adopted by a polar bear elder. Under the bear’s guidance, the little orphan learns the skills he will need to survive and provide for himself.

Dance, Dance

3 min, animation, Pasquale LaMontagna, Ontario
A sequence of imagery and dancing paying tribute to First Nation culture.

Kuekuatsheu Mak Muak (Wolverine and Loon)

Docu-drama, 15 min, Navarana Igloliorte , Newfoundland and Labrador
In this mesmerizing film, Innu elder Mani Katnen Nuna shares an ancient legend of the wolverine and the loon to a few Sheshatshiu community members in a wood stove heated labrador tent. As the story begins, the youth begin to take on the roles of animals whose story is being told.

Traditional Healing

2 min, animation, Raymond Caplin, Québec
A young woman dances in a devastated forest. Then a miracle occurs.

Coyote X

13 min, experimental, Terry Haines/Aaron Rice, BC
Coyote X is an video that evokes nuances of land ownership issues and cultural survival through the presence of the Coyote acting as a metaphor and bearer of this sober message.

Percy Henry

3 min, documentary, Angela Code, Yukon
A short glimpse into the wonders of Percy Henry.

Handing Over

4 min documentary, France Benoit, NWT
Thursday nights in N’dilo have taken on new meaning since a group of young adults decided to resurrect an age-old Dene tradition. Starting with just six youth, their hand-game lessons quickly tripled in size as kids realized that drumming, culture and fun at the gym beat television hands down. This short film explores how giving of one’s time strengthens community.

Marée II

2 min, experimental, Elisa Moar, Québec
Wide water movement, a mesmerizing choreography of colors.

Abe and Alfred

29 min, documentary, Kirsten Carthew, NWT
Abe is a Gwich’in single father living in a remote community near the arctic circle. The filmmaker met Abe while auditioning local talent for the role of ‘Alfred’, a hunter and trapper, in an upcoming feature film. Abe’s immediate connection to the fictional character inspired the filmmaker to use the scripted experiences of ‘Alfred’ to explore Abe’s real life story.

5:45 PM

The Government of Yukon has been supporting film work in the Yukon since the mid-1980s through various programs and services. In 1990, with the impending Klondike Gold Rush Centennial celebrations, the government vested support for film within the Department of Tourism. In 1998 a formal Film Commission was established.

To support a sustainable and competitive film and sound recording industry, the Yukon Film and Sound Commission launched the Yukon Film & Sound Incentive Program in 2001. The Programs, now composed of six separate funds or incentives initiatives including a new sound recording program launched in July 2005.

Kevin Hannam, Film Officer, Yukon Film & Sound Commission

Kevin holds a degree in History from the University of Victoria, a Diploma in Broadcast Communications from BCIT, and for six years worked on factual television productions in Vancouver for companies such as Paperny Entertainment, Make Believe Media and The Eyes Multimedia, culminating as a Production Manager for Force Four Entertainment. In 2011, Kevin and his wife moved to Whitehorse and in early 2014 Kevin became the Film Officer at the Yukon Film and Sound Commission.


Crossing Victoria

4 min, animation, Steven Woloshen, Québec
An experimental animation that recalls a treacherious, winter journey across a Montreal landmark.

Cold Amazon

23 min, documentary, Jay Bulckaert , Pablo Saravanja, NWT
At 1.8 million square kilometres, the Mackenzie River Basin is among the largest and most ecologically significant watersheds in the world.
Despite its vast size, the Mackenzie River Basin faces numerous threats to its natural state, including climate change, the effects of the Alberta oil sands on downstream water quality and quantity, the proposed “Site C” megadam in British Columbia, and the increase in natural resource development projects throughout the North.

River Corner Store

5 min, comedy, Brian Lye, BC
A cinematic depiction of the tragic day when lesser known Klondike legends Corner Store Sam and The Jean Jacket Kid met on the frozen Yukon River.

The Space

5m, experimental, Mary Cox, NWT
Shot on the shores of the Liard River, in the wilds of the Northwest Territories, Director, Mary C. Cox brings her poem, The Space to life in the same region where it was written. A story of a woman’s strength and peaceful contentment, as she lives into her destiny of love, and finding a partner to share her rustic lifestyle. This will be he space where her heart will truly love.

Un Mondo Raro

7 min, experimental, Anne Wallace, USA
Un Mundo Raro/A Strange World is an experimental short documentary filmed on both sides of the US-Mexico border. Socially loaded, violent and tender, this is a visual poem about a place where love and sorrow are constants, a human crisis in which we are all implicated.

The Little Theatres: Homage to the Mineral of Cabbage

5 min, animation, Stephanie Dudley, Ontario
A film about cabbage, a simple vegetable with many layers.

The Water Transport

30 min, drama, Xueninng Zhao, China
Xiao Yuan, an educated city boy from Beijing, is sent to live among illiterate villagers of arid desert of Northwest China. He does not want to be there but has no choice. One day, his host takes him on a water-run.


Ball Pit

2 min, animation, Kyle Mowatt, Ontario
Life struggles to assert and organize itself within a harsh and shifting environment.

Crashing Skies

6 min, experimental, Penny McCann, Ontario
An ordinary rural landscape is transformed into an enigmatic dreamscape. A farmhouse stands in a copper field of scratched emulsion as solarized flares illuminate the sky. Split toned horses amble dreamlike across the frame into inky underexposed blackness. Copper thistles sway in the wind, looming and strangely monumental. The hand-processed 16mm imagery creates an elliptical inner world of memory and dreams.

Jambo Amani?

30 Min, documentr< Unai Aranzadi, Spain
A group of Congolese FDLR militiamen have decided to renounce violence, surrender their weapons and enter the reintegration programme of the the United Nations. Happy to leave behind the troubled mountains of North Kivu, they take a helicopter to City of Goma, where a new life is about to begin.


14 min, comedy, Luca Zuberbuehler , Switzerland
Whenever Lothar sneezes, nearby objects explode. Therefore he isolates himself from the outer world. One day, when Lothar breaks his beloved toaster, he faces a dilemma.

Well Fished

20 min, documentary, Corinne Dunphy, Ontario
Grace and Fallon are no ‘shore captains’. They favour the salt, wind and wet tresses of the sea to working ashore. Well Fished is a documentary film exploring the lives of two young women who, unlike other girls their age, have big dreams of living a life working on the Atlantic. The film portrays Grace and Fallon’s connection to the older and disappearing fishing traditions of Nova Scotia.


4 min, animation, Eva Cvijanovic, Québec
Seasick is a meditative exploration of ones love of the sea to the soundtrack of traditional Croatian music.


11 min, drama, Kevan Funk, Alberta
Tyson, a young junior hockey player, struggles to reconcile his feelings after witnessing his fellow teammates commit an act of violence. Torn between his guilt and the fraternity of the team, the burden of silence soon becomes overwhelming.

Two Penny Road Kil

7 min, comedy , Lisa Rose Snow, Nova Scotia
A modern day Cinderella story... with road kill.


Bome Gnomeski

3 min. drama, Curtis Wiebe, Marlon Wiebe, Manitoba
A cautionary tale about a little tree who goes on a bender in the big city.

Dents de lait (Milk Teeth)

5 min, animation, Julie Charette, Québec
The loss of a tooth, combined to a greater one, totally shake a young boy’s world and make him grow faster than he wishes.

Anonymous, 1855

2 min, animaion, Madi Piller, Ontario
Antique photographs are animated in a subtle manner to rebuild the past through the
voyeur’s eye.

Suivre la piste du renard (Follow The Fox)

17 min, drama, Simon Laganiere, Québec
Richard and Clement travel through Canada to save their sick grandfather.

Presque Vu

4min, Experimental, Cecilia Araneda, Manitoba
Lush hand-crafted film footage and HD images combine to reveal a mysterious past through remnants of a memory that is almost remembered, but which never fully develops.

Cocky Pussy

3 min, animation, Sean Grounds, Toronto
An arrogant feline tries to impress his friends.

The Captive

10 min, drama, Lesley Johnson, NWT
The film wakes into a nightmare scenario for the captive. Filmed for the Dead North 2013 competition in Yellowknife.

A Primer of Small Stars

5 min, animation, Kate Wilson, Toronto
A brief interlude of celestial occurrences.

The Dentist

12 min, drama, Jonathon M.B. Hunter, Ontario
A man attempts to reconnect with a past lover but becomes fixated on a failed phone call. In an effort to find a working phone, he enlists the help of the very person he wishes to contact. Subtle themes of travel and rotting companionship guised in a dream that pronounces love as valued.

Citizens Against Basswood,

4 min, Documentary
Jaimz Asmundson, Karen Asmundson, Manitoba
Found audio of concerned citizen(s) rallying to prevent the nuisance of new trees scheduled to be planted on their block in the 1980s.

Wanta Sext?

5 min, comedy, Tyler Funk, Alberta
Wanta Sext? is a short witty comedy about sexting gone terribly wrong.


3 min, comedy, Cameron Macgowan, Alberta
A love triangle between a man, a maiden and a monster.

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November 9-11, 2018
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