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FRIDAY, April 18th

at SOVA, 3rd and Queen
with Normand Roger and Daniel Janke

Music and sound design are important elements in film and media production. Many independent filmmakers and musicians alike have questions about how music is chosen or created for films, and what role it plays in telling a story or conveying meaning. Many start-up filmmakers are visually oriented, but struggle with music decisions, or with getting quality sound design on their productions.
This 3-hour master class/workshop with renowned composer and sound designer Normand Roger seeks to shed light on some of these issues. Mr. Roger will play excerpts from films he has scored, and discuss decisions he made about style and musical language. He will discuss his views on how music supports a film, and when it is or isn’t needed.

Daniel Janke, with his experience as both a composer for films (most recently the Oscar short listed Subconscious Password) and a producer/filmmaker of award winning short films and Television series (Northern Town) will enlarge the discussion to aspects of how music fits into the overall sound deign of a film, and how a composer and a sound designer work together. He and Normand will cover the process of the sound scape of a film.

Normand Roger is a Canadian composer and sound designer. He is particularly known for his work as a composer of soundtracks for animated films, having composed more than 200 such works since 1970. He is the composer of many original soundtracks for Frédéric Back, Paul Driessen, Michaël Dudok de Wit, Caroline Leaf and Aleksandr Petrov. Thirteen of his works have been nominated for Academy Awards, of which six have won. He also notably wrote the theme for the PBS’s Mystery!.
Roger has spent nearly 40 years creating soundtracks for the National Film Board of Canada in his hometown of Montreal, after first being hired for its animation department at the age of 22.

Daniel Janke composes music for film, dance, theatre, and the concert stage. Film scores include Touch and The Susan Smith Tapes [dir. Jeremy Podeswa]; the TV series Northern Town [CBC, 2006]; and Grub Stake Revisited [2013]. His own music-driven animated film How People Got Fire [NFB, 2009] has received numerous awards and has traveled around the world. Daniel’s recent film score for the short Subconscious Password [dir. Chris Landreth] was short-listed for an Oscar®, and is featured on the Sundance Festival Composers Spotlight, 2014.

Funding for this workshop provided by the Yukon Film and Sound Commission



Cent-free Nation

3 min, documentary
Meg Walker, Yukon
A short history of the coin that kept Canada cent-sible. A tribute to a common treasure once loved and now lost.

Wedding On Mussel Island

4 min, experimental
Lulu Keating, Yukon
Getting married used to mean giving up your freedom. This wedding is about something else.


3 min, Experimental
Kerry Barber, Yukon
silence patience freedom

Self Portrait with Migraine

2 min, animation
Kathryn Hepburn, Yukon
Imagery of the searing pain of a migraine plays out on screen.

How Salt Found Pepper

3 min, animation
Arlin McFarlane, Yukon
Too lonely Salt ventures into the world to find Pepper and true happiness.

Seaforth’s Legacy: Return to Agira

13 min, documentary
Max Fraser, Yukon
The inspirational story of Canadian baby-boomers who walk 300km over 20 days under scorching Sicilian sun to commemorate the lost history of Canadian soldiers in WW2; Operation Husky 2013 through the lens of the Seaforth Highlanders of Vancouver.

Drifting Home

5 min, drama
Karen MacKay, Yukon
Spring arrives and a young woman decides it’s time to head for the place she loves. She travels by raft revealing the many things she sees along the way.

A Question

10 min, documentary
Chris Mc Nutt, Yukon
People are asked to answer and elaborate on a simple question. The challenge... they aren’t told what it is in advance.

Life At The River

23 min, documentary
Werner Walcher, Yukon
Far off the grid, Carmen and Robert Perren have chosen a life at the river with their three children, 2 cats, a few dogs and a sheep.

Caravan 9

15min, drama
Leanne Dimant, UK, written by Dianne Savill
Caravan 9 tells the story of 9 year old Lucy, a curious introverted girl who loves to solve mysteries. The arrival next door of a suspicious man and a lonely boy lead her down a path of discovery that uncovers some dark home truths.

My Friend Anne

3 min, animation
Arlin McFarlane, Yukon
Anne thought moving to her daughter’s house would be a good idea. Now she’s not too sure.

Subconcious Password

11 mn, animation
Chris Landreth, ON, Music by Daniel Janke
In this short animation, Oscar®-winning director Chris Landreth (Ryan, 2004) uses a common social gaffe—forgetting somebody’s name—as the starting point for a mind-bending romp through the unconscious.

9:30 pm UP RIVER

Bless You

3 min, animation
David Barlow-Krelina, Québec
A man takes the subway. Inside his brain, a countdown clock hits zero and a little person prepares for lift-off. The man sneezes.

Explorations of an Unexpected Time Traveler

5min, experimental
Christina Battle, Alberta
Explorations of an Unexpected Time Traveler imagines a narrative where a woman from some undisclosed point in the past experiences continual unexplained and uncontrollable shifts in time and space. Shot in various cities & counties in Alberta; Colorado; and Yukon Territory. Conceived while in Dawson City, Yukon Territory while an Artist in Residence at the Klondike Institute of Art and Culture (KIAC), March 2013.


2 min, experimental
Kelly Ann Beaton, Ontario
Stop explores the omnipresence of digital devices in society.


2 min, animation
Lynn Dana Wilton, Ontario
The four elements are the means and the content in this animated experimental short using scratch-on-35mm-film, sand, blown sugar, object, and watercolour paper-puppet animation techniques.


11 min, documentary
Brian Stockton, Saskatchewan
A personal documentary featuring 5000 still photographs taken over a period of 25 years. A life flashing in front of your eyes in rapid, hypnotic fashion.


8 min, drama
Tony Clark, UK
A young Gambian girl, Safina, escapes her traffickers, but has to prove she is a child to the UK authorities to get protection.


2 min, animation
Evan de Rushie, Ontario
Akasha is the Sanskrit word for “aether”, said to embody the four elements of earth, air, fire and water. This film uses the expressive movements of aerial and dance to explore one woman’s connection to the elements around her.

Tundra Cowboy

18 min, documentary
Marc Winkler, NWT
For Henrik Seva herding reindeer is more than just a job, it’s a way of life. Henrik is an aboriginal Sami from northern Sweden and he comes from a long line of nomadic reindeer herders. But that culture is changing and the traditions of his ancestors are being eclipsed by technology and money. At 49 years of age and disillusioned, Henrik moved to the frozen shores of Canada’s Arctic Ocean to live alone with 3,000 reindeer.

Mémorable Moi

15 min, comedy
Jean-Francois Asselin, Québec
Mathieu seeks all ways to attract attention to himself. It is a matter of survival: you think of me so I am.

Pottery Wars

12 min, documentary
Michelle Naomi Swallow, NWT
Get all fired up for Pottery Wars, the pottery throw down of the year! The story of three northern Canadian men on their quest for pottery treasures at the annual Yellowknife Arts and Crafts Christmas Sale, the ‘Black Friday’ sale of the North.

Solo, Piano – NYC

5 min, documentary
Anthony Sherin, USA
On a cold winter morning, a lone piano stands curbside in New York City. All day long, passersby stop to play. They collect and disperse, measure and push. Who abandons a piano? Plinking slightly out-of-tune over the white noise of Broadway’s cars, buses, trucks, and sirens, the piano awaits its fate. Solo, Piano - NYC is a 5-minute film of the last 24 hours of a once-wanted piano.

11:30 Strange Things Done

Racing Robots, Brawling Buddhas

3 min, animation, Greg Michaelson, UK
It’s the day of the robot races. But those brawling ‘Buddhas’ just can’t stop meddling.


13 min, comedy, Eric Fisher/ Robbie Bourland, USA
Guy struggles to keep his life together as he inexplicably grows monstrous fangs.

The Turtle

3 min, experimental, Matt Gibson, USA
The Turtle is a journey of the body and the mind, in dialog with nature, art, fashion, and music. The Turtle seeks to capture that element most fundamental to the human soul. The Turtle’s journey is simultaneously death and rebirth; the void that is that moment between existence and nonexistence. The Turtle invites us to share a part of ourselves, and if we do, it shares back with us a new part we may not have previously known. The Turtle’s pain is our pain, but The Turtle’s victory is our victory. The Turtle, simply put, is life.

Sticky Ends

7 min, animation, Osman Cerfon, France
Jinx is a man with the head of a fish. Misfortune bubbles escape from his mouth. When one of them follows somebody, he becomes dogged by bad luck, and comes to a sticky end...


3 min, comedy, Andrea Casaseca. Spain
After lunch, David must confess the news to his parents. What he still doesn’t know is the impact it will have on them.


2 min, animation, Noam Sussman, Ontario
Your mother warned you about swallowing your gum.

Star Struck

22 min, comedy, Charles Ward, Australia
Kevin Welliger is 14 years old and has a meteorite stuck in his head. A lovable outsider, processing the death of his father and the burden of being unusual (see above re: meteorite in head) Kevin catches the attention of a budding photographer named Leila. From here evolves an inspiring, at times ridiculous and convincingly heartfelt story about life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

No Eclipse

5 min, experimental, Jay Bulckaert, Pablo Saravanja, NWT
A thoughtful music driven exploration of one man’s turbulent sub-reality; his thoughts and meditations projected through mask. No Eclipse is an artless and hyper-visual dance-like representation of the quiet struggle within.

Le Toasteur

9 min, comedy, Michaël Lalancette, Québec
Despite an exceptional temperature this beautiful winter day in 1992, Claude decided to end his story with a toaster and a bathtub. Alain, his little brother, returns from jogging when he discovers that the device has been stolen!

Ealli guoddá joavkkus (Leaving the Herd)

5 min, comedy, Egil Pederson, Norway
A man breaks out of his group of friends to follow his own calling. His old friends will not accept this and bring him back home for punishment and subduing. The story takes place in a twisted and absurd Sámi universe.



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November 9-11, 2018
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