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12 noon

The Short Film and the Film Festival
with Michelle Latimer

IT’s one thing to create a short film, and as most filmmakers find out, it’s just as much work getting that film out into the world. In today’s market there are more festivals, both actual and virtual, that give filmmakers the opportunity to have their work viewed. This workshop will focus on the diverse works of one of Canada’s up and coming filmmakers and how she negotiated the world of festivals and distribution for her successful short films. Sometimes the “bigger and better” festivals are not the best options for certain films. Using her own work as sample cases, Michelle will outline the best strategies for getting your work “out there”.

Clips of films to be screened
1. This Is My Time (Every Day): Music Video
2. Tomorrow: Drama
3. Jackpot: Documentary
4: Choke: Animation

A Métis/Algonquin filmmaker, actor, and curator, Michelle’s goal is to use film & new media as a tool for social change. She is interested in exploring how sound and image can transform space to create a visceral experience that lends itself to greater cultural awareness and understanding. Her films have been described as “visual poems exploring humanity”, and are often experiments of creative form expressed from a personal point of view. She has just completed post-production on a feature length documentary, Alias, which will premiere at HOT DOCS this year. Alias examines the inner world of gangsta rap and the hustle known as the rap-trap. It follows 5 struggling rappers/artists.

Michelle founded Streel Films in 2008, which is focused on the development and production of innovative, socially conscious, character-driven films.

In 2009 Streel Films released the award-winning documentary, Jackpot. The film premiered at the Hot Docs Film Festival and received two Golden Sheaf Awards for Best POV documentary and Outstanding Emerging Filmmakers. Jackpot was also nominated for the 2011 Donald Britton Gemini Award for Best Social Political Documentary.

In 2011, Michelle Latimer’s animated short film Choke premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and received the Special Jury Honourable Mention in Intl Short Filmmaking before going on to screen internationally. Choke was nominated for a 2012 Genie Award and was named by the Toronto Film Festival among Canada’s Top Ten films of 2011.

She has worked as a curator/programmer for Hot Docs, ImagiNATIVE and for CBC as a judge on “Short film Face Off”.


Funding for this workshop provided by the Yukon Film and Sound Commission.


How the Bear Fooled People

Darcy André, Yukon, Animation, 2m
An animated traditional Gwich’in legend about a hungry bear who tries to fool a hunter.

Jesica Favron — Detective!

Austyn Renaud & Jessica Favron, Yukon, Drama, 4m
A desparate search for a missing prize.

How Bear Got a Short Tail
Melanie Kyikavichik & Jaanelle Schaefer, Yukon, Animation, 3m
A Gwich’in legend brought to life using animated paper puppets.

How the Loon and Crow got their Colours
Caleb Charlie, Yukon, Animation, 2m
My film is about a crow and a loon painting themselves. First the loon got painted and then the loon painted the crow with a surprising result!

Traditional Teachings
Sheila Kyikavichik, Yukon, Animation, 3m
This film about traditional teachings of the Vuntut Gwitchin in
Old Crow. We follow the activities of Ellie Tizya-Frost as she eats fish and dry meat.

Thomas Edison’s Invention
Jack Amos & Kate Crocker, Yukon, Drama, 13m
Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. This is the story of the sinister plot behind this invention and how the evil plans of Thomas Edison were thwarted.

Direct Wind
Jessica Smith, Yukon, Animation, 2m
An animation of a leaf. Han drawn on over 500 pieces of paper. A lyrical, classically animated depiction of love.

The Difficult Customer
Jack Amos & Kate Crocker, Yukon, Drama, 13m
Two highwat robbers chance upon some information that inspires the to attempt their greatest highway robbery.

When I Met Dottie
DCISFF Alumni: The Bum Family: Maezy, Medina & Zaiyah Dennie
Alberta, Animation 2m
A young girl makes a surprising discovery leading to a conversation about love.

John Dagostin, Yukon, Drama, 2m
A mysterious disapperance.

@ Dänojà Zho Cultural Centre, Front & York


Meky Ottawa, Québec, Animation 1m
‘It’s absolutely useful because it’s pretty’ – The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Aitun – Traditions
Kevin Bellefleur, Quebec, Documentary, 6m
Joesphis and Nashtash, an elderly couple from La Romaine share their knowledge and know-how of Innu culture through the practice of preparing an eider duck.

Dancing Cop

Kelvin Redvers, NWT, Musical, 7m
An overzealous cop comes across what he suspects to be a shoplifter caught in the act, but the confrontation doesn’t go nearly as expected. A short film about native people, and police officers... and it’s a musical.

Life in Days Gone By
Nemnemiss Mckenzie, Quebec, Documentary, 5m
Mani Aster tells how the ancestral gestures that she knows so well might very well disappear with her. The portrait of a woman and of society.

In Your Heart
Raymond Caplin, Quebec, 3m
A young guitarist, his heart, his guitar.

Blocus 138 – La resistance innue
Réal Junior Leblanc, Québec, Documentary, 8m
This documentary shows the events of March 9th, 2012, during the road block of the 138, and describes, with exactitude, the action and emotion of the moment.

Like It Was Yesterday
Xstine Cook and Jesse Gaudry, Alberta, Animation, 1m
An animated tribute to 5 Aboriginal women and their families.

Quilt Trip
Kerry Barber, Yukon, Documentary, 6m
What do women do in Dawson, when their husbands aren’t looking?

Life on Victor Street
Kirby Hammond, Manitoba Documentary, 30m
Fred moved to Winnipeg, hoping to provide opportunities for his kids. Fred’s teenage son Brent struggles to stay in school and out of the local gangs that repeatedly threaten locals who resist them. Moving portrait of a family trying to break the cycle of addiction, violence and poverty.


Funding for Yukon Film Artists
If you are a film artist with a body of work, you might be eligible to apply to the Advanced Artist Award or the Touring Artist Fund.

Find out about intakes, eligibility, criteria, and how to prepare your application in this session with Ross Burnet, Fund Administrator, Department of Tourism and Culture.

Before his post at the Yukon Government, Ross wrote tons of funding applications. His experience straddles the realities of being a filmmaker applicant and those of funding agencies.

Seeing both sides means he can save you time and effort. Ross is a producer and also researches image theory, teaches editing at Yukon College, and is an associate editor and author with Common Ground Publishing.


Split Ends

Joanna Priestley, USA, Animation, 2012
The delicate patterns of Split Ends were inspired by North American wrapping papers from the 1960’s and French and English wallpapers from the early 1900s. Without relying on pop culture reference points, some patterns stimulate a collective memory of youthful self-hypnosis and visual absorption.

The Road Led Here

Jennifer Hardacker, USA, Experimental, 3m
The Road Led Here tells the story of a discontented voyager who finally finds a place to end her journey--but what is it about this place? The film is shot on 16mm film, HD video and moss grown on 16mm leader. The film employs text that nods to the literary tradition of odyssey/journey stories, such as The Wizard of Oz, On the Road, The Odyssey and others.

Andrew Silke, NWT, Drama 18m
When Diane discovers that Amelia’s habitual night wandering correlates with injuries found on the new baby, she delves into the disturbed world of her daughter while frantically trying to prove to Stu that there is something wrong with Amelia.

Animated Self Portraits
Madi Piller, Ontario, Animation, 9m
The film is a collaboration with 84 exceptional Canadian Artists made with one premise: each artist provides 12 drawings on paper for me to create animated loops under a 35mm camera.

The Whistle
Grzegorz Zariczny, Poland, Documentary, 16m
Marcin is coming up for thirty. He lives in a small town not far from Krakow and referees football matches in the lowest league. He wants a change, though. He’s had enough of the perpetual stress that coming into contact with the fans and the players causes. Then there’s his mother, who is waiting for him to make some concrete life decisions and pressuring him to do so. So Marcin is trying to find a better job. And a girlfriend.

Against the Grain
Roger D. Wilson, Ontario, Experimental, 6m
Against the Grain takes a look at the creative process, focusing in on “when things don’t work out as planned”. I am constantly exploring the filmmaking process and trying new techniques. With this approach you are bound to make mistakes and are constantly returning to the drawing board.

Robert Gardner. 2.5min. Documentary, 1968/2011. Dallol, Ethiopia.
One of Gardner’s filmic interests in Ethiopia was to see and film the salt trade between the Highlands and the Dallol Depression, a wondrous environment of unbearable heat and intense color. He managed a start only and these are the bits that emerged.

It’s Such a Beautful Day
Don Hertzfeldt, USA, Animation, 23m
Don Hertzfeldt closes his trilogy as Bill struggles to piece together his shattering psyche.



A Walk in the Woods

Tess Martin, USA, Animation, 1m
Beware the forest, beautiful yet treacherous. This one minute short was created at the I-Park artist residency in East Haddam, CT.

Ice Realtors
Ian MacDougall, NWT, Comedy, 5m
Realty meets reality in an original new series featuring a breed of Realtors, unrecognized by the civilized world. Lance, Gordo and Derrick give us a behind the scenes peak into the pressures of selling houses in a city few dare to step foot in. Half an hour in these guy’s lives, and you’d be praying for climate change. Real Agents. Real Life. Real Estate.

After You
Damien O’Connor, Ireland, Animation, 6m
A doorman at a Dublin city hotel spends many happy years opening his beloved door for the hotel residents. One day, much to his horror, he discovers that his job and happiness may be under threat.

Postcards from Somova
Andreas Horvath, Austria, Documentary, 20m
An inconspicuous row of trees and some bushes, somewhere on a riverbank on the edge of the Danube Delta. Time seems to have stood still here. In the minor events that then emerge, we see an unexpected coherence. The animals that have found their homes here and seem condemned to each other, the tired fishermen who chug up in their boats and disrupt the peace and the crumbling material in general all acquire a glowing cinematographic meaning.

Juan Pablo Zaramella, Argentina, Animation, 6m
In a world controlled and timed by light, an ordinary man has a plan that could change the natural order of things.


E Hearte, New Brunswick, Experimental, 1m
Double exposed and edited entirely in camera this work plays with ideas of gender expression and creation while addressing the possibility of conflicting aspects of ones self identity; the perpetual construction and deconstruction of gender.

David Moreno, Spain, Comedy, 13m
If you have no memory, a blank gaze, youve forgotten how to talk.. you’re a zombie, right?

Victor Ghizaru, Québec, Drama 29m
Aurelia embarks on a journey to find her father. Cut off from the world, she naively discovers simple things that marvel her infant spirit. A peaceful story about self-discovery, taking place in the empty fields of a forgotten land.



Iria Lopez, United Kingdom, Animation, 8m
Jose is a teenage pig living in a Spanish town, and he is the only pig in his family. One day a new neighbour moves in next door, and Jose starts to come to terms with who he really is.

Steve Deneault & Jay Fox, BC, Drama, 12m
The alleyways hold many secrets.
No one knows this more than the Binner, a mysterious wanderer with only his trusty shopping cart and his wits to keep him alive.

A Short Film About Ice Fishing
Jason Shahinfar, USA , Comedy, 8m
In rural South Dakota two friends go out for a day of ice fishing only to cause total destruction.


Jean-Sébastien Coté, Yukon, Drama, 25m
Oliver is a writer. He rented a cabin in the Yukon in order to isolate himself and get inspiration for his work. He is about to discover that creation in isolation can sometimes be harder than one would expect.

Killers Crossing
Morgan Tams, BC, Rock Opera, 23m
A Pacific North Western. An aging outlaw faces his final days. On the run and badly injured, he wanders the craggy coastlines and lush rainforests of Canada’s west coast, haunted by visions of his brutal past, stumbling through moss and fern in a desperate search for salvation... with the grim-faced Hangman always close behind. Music by Brooke Galupe.

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