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@Yukon School of Visual Arts

Deconstructing Lucille’s Ball
with Producer Roslyn Muir and
Writer/Director (Co-Producer) Lulu Keating

With Dawson City filmmaker Lulu Keating completing her feature drama Lucille’s Ball this workshop deconstructs the process that brought the film to completion. It is an in-depth look at the complex procedure that is required to write, fund, produce and then distribute a film.

The film will be discussed in terms of:

Script development

  • The grants that supported the first phase of script
  • When the Story Editor came on
  • The initial concept, the WIDC workshop (Women in the Director’s Chair), WIDC Feature Film Fund. Conceiving of shooting the whole movie, foreign countries and multiple locations, in the studio.
  • The Visual Concept – development of this idea with assistance from Yukon Film and Sound Commission’s Filmmakers Grant. Demo reel and materials used to describe the idea to Distributors, broadcasters and investors.


  • Canada Council grants.
  • Telefilm Canada involvement
  • Producers – the function of a producer in making a bigger movie


  • Cutting back on the size of the project to bring it into budget range: script rewrites to cut pages, characters, scenes.
  • Communicating the nature of the production – low budget, independent, and the spirit of the production
  • Getting things for free or cheap. Doing deals.
  • Listening to the Sponsors and Investors. Gifts, appreciation.


  • Finding innovative ways to get the film out there – festivals, showing in movie theatres (or not), on line sales and rentals, distribution.

Lulu Keating is an award-winning writer, producer and filmmaker whose work has been presented internationally. She has made over 20 films from short and feature length darma, documentaries and animation. She was one of the new wave of independent Canadian filmmakers who changed the shape of Canadian cinema. She was directly involved in the organization of film and video co-operatives across Canada, culminating in the formation of a national organization. In her new community, Dawson City Yukon, this work continues with her participation on the boards of Moving Images Distribution and Dawson City Arts Society.

Roslyn Muir is a producer and Praxis winning screenwriter with an MFA in Creative Writing from UBC. She wrote and produced a short comedy, OMG, which premiered at Vancouver International Film Festival and stars Gabrielle Rose (The Sweet Hereafter). Roslyn has three feature films in development--shooting this year is The Birdwatcher, which won the 2013 Women in the Director’s Chair Feature Film Award worth $120,000 in film services, and she has written a juvenile fantasy novel, The Chimera’s Apprentice. Her MOW, Through Her Eyes, is in pre-production, shooting in LA this spring.

Funding for this workshop provided by the Yukon Film and Sound Commission.

4pm Opening Reception
@Yukon School of Visual Arts



Last Stop for Miles Trailer

Celia McBride, Yukon, Drama, 1m
A one-minute teaser for the feature film Last Stop for Miles.

Sauer is Burning

Moira Sauer, Yukon, Documentary, 10m
In a last ditch effort to find the man of her dreams, Whitehorse actor Moira Sauer bares all at a birthday bonfire that reveals a lot more than skin. Yukon 48 Hour — Best Film, Audience Choice Dawson, Audience Choice Whitehorse
“Sauer Is Burning is the Citizen Kane of the Yukon...”

Land of the Chartreuse Moose: Life and Legacy of Ted Harrison
Monty Bassett, BC, Documentary, 23m
‘The story of a love affair between an English artist and a Canadian landscape so alluring that he, like Gauguin in Tahiti, would spend the rest of his life painting her beauty. In the process changing forever the foundations of Canadian art
and the way the world views the North and its people.

Walks Like

Arlin McFarlane, Yukon, Drama, 3m
A prank, a kid, two grandmothers, and a question of gender.

Aren’t you supposed to do something? Mallory’s Story

Heidi Slat, Yukon, Documentary, 9m
This film informs Yukoners and Canadians how the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities can be utilized. Mallory Pigage takes us on her journey to get into Yukon College, graduate and live independently while holding down a part-time job.


Traolach Ó Murchú, Yukon, Documentary, 10m
Gordie is an intimate self-authored documentary that tells the story of a man living with the trauma of a horrific event in his childhood. Yukon 48 Hour — Best Film


Veronica Verkley, Yukon, Experimental, 3m
Shot from a single point, at the same time daily, over the course of 3 years, of the wilderness landscape from our hill top skid shack.The flow of time compressed: chainsaw buzz, falling leaves, the CBC, bush planes, sun dogs, forest fire haze, minus 50, ravens, snow melt...the minutiae of bush life..

Fools Love: 40 Week Journal

Kerry Barber, Yukon, Experimental, 3m
Fool’s love, like fool’s gold. I thought he was an honourable man.

Martinis of the Wilderness

Max Fraser, Yukon, Documentary/Fantasy, 10m
A documentary-fantasy about Yukon moose hunting, the Holy Trinity and the search for the God Particle. Alcohol, weapons, ATVs and profanity are involved; so is the heavenly nature of the wilderness that surrounds and sustains us.

The Gift

Moira Sauer, Yukon, Drama 10m
Sometimes love can be bought... but only if you have the perfect gift.
After setting sight on the woman of their dreams, the suitors in one remote northern town discover just what must be sacrificed to procure a heart.


The Kissing Booth

Matt West, Ontario, Drama, 2m
A group of boys line up in front of a kissing booth where two girls stand. Where the popular girl’s jar is filled with money, the second jar stands empty in front of a plain Jane. One boy steps up to kiss the girl with the empty jar.


Andrew de Freitas, Québec, Drama, 8m
Set alongside the confluence of two valley carving rivers, the film follows the flow of water in parallel with the flow of Dylan, who who experienced a phantasmic vision the previous evening whilst cleaning a meat smoker at work.

The Whale Story
Tess Martin, USA, Animation, 4m
A fisherman experiences a moment of connection with a female humpback whale in the waters off of San Francisco. Is this an example of inter-species communication or a mysterious fluke?

A Girl Named Elastika
Guillaume Blanchet, Québec, Animation 4m
Elastika is not like any other little girls. First, because she made of elastics. Also because her universe is a land of cork.

The Wedding
Marina Seresky, Spain, Drama, 12m
Mirta is from Cuba and she lives in Madrid. Like many other inmigrants she works cleaning. Today at 6 pm, her daughter gets married. But nothing goes as she planned. To arrive at the wedding will be more difficult than expected.

David Uloth, Québec, Animation, 3m
A young woman is rudely disturbed by a fly. The fly wants her iced-coffee, the woman wants to read her muscle magazine, and all hell is about to break loose.

Mike Hoath, Western Australia, Drama, 12m
Two brothers from rural Western Australian are caught poaching a lamb on a neighboring property. When Beau refuses to go quietly his younger sibling becomes a pawn in a violent showdown.

The Hunter
Marieka Walsh, Australia, Animation, 6m
A boy goes missing in the snow-covered wilderness, feared taken by wolves. A hunter undertakes a journey to find the him, but as he tracks the boy into the mountains, he discovers that his instincts can no longer be trusted. The Hunter is an elegant & surprising stop-motion sand animation that tells a new timeless tale.

Shoot for the Moon

Casandra Macias Gago, Spain, Comedy, 10m
On July 21st 1969 the whole world watched in astonishment via their TV sets how Man first walked on the Moon, but the reality is somewhat different. One week before, the shoot for the landing took place in a hangar in Area 51.


Sarah Burwash, Nova Scotia, Animation, 4m
Leaning on memory and a typewriter as a path to transcendence and timelessness. Upon reflecting on past moments, she is connected to the endless flow of time, brought into the realm of the quiet bower.

Dead Ducks
Brenda Longfellow, Ontario, Opera, 23m
DEAD DUCKS is a dark operatic short inspired by the true story of the 1600 mallard and bufflehead ducks who perished in a mass of toxic bitumen in the tar sands of Alberta.


Rumpy Pumpy

Joanna Priestley, USA, Animation, 2m
A ballet of private parts, in all their glorious combinations.

Crackin' Down Hard

Mike Clattenburg, Nova Scotia, Drama, 10m
An earnest young outdoors-man goes out into the barren desert for some hiking and yoga. But his serenity is brought to a grinding halt when a strange man appears from out of nowhere and tempts him with hookers.

The Mobile Meat Processing Unit
Gaylene Barnes, New Zealand, Animation, 10m
Mary has a little lamb ... until a high-tech mobile slaughterhouse turns up.

Attack of the Brainsucker

Sid Zanforlin, Québec, Drama, 14m
Samantha, a little girl growing up in the sixties, loves classic b-movies and monsters. That is, until they start to invade her bedroom and her obsession compels her parents to seek help from the latest scientific breakthrough.

Peach Juice
Brian Lye, BC, Animation, 8m
While on vacation at the seaside, a youth becomes attracted to his aunt.

Keep a Modest Head
Deco Dawson, Manitoba, Documentary 19m
Jean Benoît, the last official member of the French Surrealist group, receives Deco Dawson’s signature visual treatment in this biographical documentary that fantastically illustrates the artist’s formative (and highly sexual) childhood memories.

Josh MacDonald, Nova Scotia, Horror, 8m
Three deadly pursuers. One terrified woman. But the rules are about to change.


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