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2011 FESTIVAL – April 21-24

Saturday, 12 noon
The Art and Business of the Short Film
with Judy Gladstone, Bell Media's Bravo!FACT


With years of experience viewing and funding short films through Bell Media’s Bravo!FACT (Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent), Judy Gladstone has seen films from their conception to completion. In this workshop / screening she will break down the basic elements of the short film format in terms of what makes an excellent short.

In addition to screening Bravo!FACT-funded shorts (see list below), Judy will discuss the elements necessary for the creation of a compelling project – concise project descriptions, budgeting, acquisition of mechanical and synchronization rights, rights to previously published materials, and all other necessary clearances as well as support material required to enhance your proposal.

This workshop is an excellent opportunity for filmmakers to explore the funding and broadcast models of short films with an open Q&A. There will also be an opportunity to discuss with Judy individual projects and proposals.

Judy Gladstone has been the executive director of Bravo!FACT (Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent) since 1997. Bravo!FACT was established in 1995 by the national cable arts channel Bravo!. The foundation is the largest funder of shorts in Canada. Since its inception, twenty million dollars have been awarded in grants for the production of over 1,400 shorts across the country. The shorts are broadcast in Canada on Bravo! and /A\, and are often honoured at local, national and international film festivals. Watch for a new series of one-hour specials on Bravo! premiering in May 2011. Bravo!FACT is a division of Bell Media, which is owned by BCE Inc., Canada’s largest communications company. More information about Bravo!FACT – including application forms and a digitized archive of shorts - can be found at www.bravofact.com.


The Cremation of Sam McGee
Director/Producer: John Askwith; Performers: Adam Messinger, Earl Pastko (Ontario)
An adaptation of the famous Robert Service poem.

Athletes In Motion: Hard Core Bonspiel
Director: John Kerr; Writer: Douglas Coupland; Athlete: Jennifer Jones;
Music: Gord Downie; Producers: Srinivas Krishna, John Kerr (Alberta)

Winnipeg Olympic hopeful Jennifer Jones’ curling daydreams become disco reality in this short from Calgary director John Kerr.

Capital Sins: Sloth
Writer/Director: Alethea Arnaquq-Baril; Composer: Paul Shrofel; Animator: Jonathan Wright; Voice Actor: Bryan Pearson; Producers: Amit Breuer, Peter Harvey, Amythos Media (Nunavut)
Sloth pokes gentle fun at stereotypes about the Inuit people, past and present.

Slow Dance
Writer/Director: Joe Cobden; Actors: Hannako H. Caines, Joe Cobden; Music: Warren Spicer; Choreographer: Kevin Kelsall; Dancers: Patrick Sabongui, Jason Cavalier, Kevin Kelsall, Marc-Andre Brisebois, Marie-Pier Gaudet, Maxim Savaria, Peter Seaborne, Producers: Sach Baylin-Stern, Joe Cobden, Josh Usheroff, Way Past Curfew Productions, Black Box Productions (Québec)
As a young man and woman search for love, it becomes a literal battle between the sexes one night in a barroom brawl of balletic proportions.

120 Seconds to Get Elected
Writer/Director: Denis Villeneuve; Actor: Alexis Martin; Producers: Colette Loumède, marblemedia; Commissioned for Shorts In Motion: the Art of Seduction, an initiative of Bravo!FACT and the National Film Board (Québec)
A politician seduces a crowd of potential voters in two minutes; shot on a cell phone.

The Canadian Shield
Director: Simon Ennis; Actors: Julian Richings, Liane Balaban; Actor/Producer: Josh Peace; Producer: C.J. Hervey (Ontario)
Deep within the majestic hinterlands of the Canadian wilderness, a mountie searches for some existential nourishment... and his missing horse.

Sins: Envy
Director: Bruce McDonald; Writer: Patrick Whistler; Composers: Ohad Benchetrit, Justin Small; Actors: Ari Cohen; Producers: Peter Harvey, Amit Breuer, Amythos Media (Ontario)
An overworked architect becomes envious of the freedom of birds and, in a moment of bizarre inspiration, decides to take flight.

Burnt Toast: The Argument
Director/Producer: Larry Weinstein; Performers: Colin Mochrie, Debra McGrath; Vocalists: Russell Braun, Zorana Sadiq; Composer: Alexina Louie; Librettist: Dan Redican; Producers: Matt Hornburg, Jessica Daniel, marblemedia, Rhombus Media Inc (Ontario)
A husband fantasizes a rebuttal to an argument he imagines having with his wife.
Part of the comic opera Burnt Toast (www.burnttoastopera.com).

In The Groove
Director/Choreographer: Clarence Ford; Performer: Kurt Browning; Music: Orin Isaacs; Producers: Sandra Cassaro, Millennium Pictures (Ontario)
A combination of hockey, dance, figure skating, and rock/funk set in an outdoor ice rink and featuring championship figure skater Kurt Browning.

Anniversary Present
Writer/Director/Producer: Douglas Karr; Actors: David Alpay, Liane Balaban; Producers: Sierra Bellows, Rick Saulnier, Human Scale Productions (Ontario)
A humorous look at the glowing optimism of young marriage and the metal-crushing, window-smashing confusion that it sometimes leads to.

Sixty Seconds of Regret
Writer/Director/Producer: Ed Gass-Donnelly; Actors: Jock McLeod, Aaron Poole, Kat Germain; Producer: 3 Legged Dog Films (Ontario)
A wordless moment of silent reflection as an old man ponders an event from his distant past.

I Met the Walrus
Director/Animator: Josh Raskin; Illustrators: Alex Kurina, James Braithwaite; Narrator: John Lennon; Interviewer/Producer: Jerry Levitan (Ontario)
In May 1969, a 14-year-old Beatle fan invited himself into John Lennon's hotel room and convinced him to do an interview.

Saturday, 1 pm Youth Screening
(at the Daswon City Museum)

The first 8 films were made in Old Crow as part of the Our World Program. A collaboration between the Vuntut Gwithcin Heritage Branch and the National Film Board of Canada, generously supported by the Canada Council for the Arts.

Gwich’in Fights

Marlon Abel Kendi, Yukon Youth, Animation, 2
Gwitchin Fights is a story about hunters going out on the land to go get caribou for their people. When they return home something happens...

I Am Gwitchen

Nathaniel Schafer, Yukon Youth, Animation, 2
What Gwitchin males do for a Gwitchin living.

Me and my 2 Best friends
Brandie Vittrekwa, Yukon Youth,Documentary, 4
Three best friends hanging out together on Old Crow, Yukon. A day of laughing, chatting and having fun!

My Favorite Things

Darcy Andre Josie, Yukon Youth, Animation, 2
My favorite things in Old Crow, Yukon is to drive around on ski-doo, hunt and play video games. Hope you enjoy my favorite activities.

Recycling for the Earth

Sarah Learn, Yukon Youth, Documentary, 2
An informative video on how and what to recycle. An encouragement for people to recycle and help the Earth.


Caleb Charlie, Yukon Youth, Animation, 2
A boy who is bored and decides to go sliding. What could possibly go wrong?

Trapping Muskrat
Melanie Kyikavichik, Yukon Youth, Documentary, 2
Muskrat trapping gives guidance on how to trap dzan (muskrat), skin and stretch the furs, and all the items you can make with fur.

Gwitchin Beadwork

Chelsea Charlie, Yukon Youth, Documentary, 2
This film is about the Gwitchin people and our beadwork. A youth speaks about her experience and the culture of beadwork.

Bear Creek Rocket Cam
Rory & Jake Duncan, Yukon, Documentary, 3
The Yukon is poised to take it’s rightful place in space, and from its Bear Creek Training Facility, the Space Program Yukon (S.P.Y.) is busy training the next generation of Yukon space travelers in all aspects of space flight. Contains recently declassified footage.

Becky’s Art

Becky Yuhasz-Bell, Yukon Youth, Animation, 1
A film about nature and creative art.


Lila Yuhasz-Bell, Yukon Youth, Animation, 1
This film is not really about anything in particular. It is just about random things.


Jack Amos, Yukon Youth, Drama, 5
In this exciting drama an evil warlord, Icarus has just escaped from the underworld. He is on the verge to destroy all the Gods, but the battle to recapture him takes place with only two of the Gods, Horasinia – The Goddess of Death, and Ashen – The God of Hate.
Walk with them to witness this death-defying battle! “

X-Country Sledding
Callum Wood, Yukon Youth, 2 min


Saturday, 2 pm Into The Midday Sun

Surviving Hunger

Balgum Song, USA, Animation, 3
A desert-like landscape where there are just sands and dry air with no foods. A big frog-looking character wanders around for food. A cute little character that comes towards the big character. The story is going to be a conflict between these two characters.

Knock Knock (Who’s Dead?)

Grâce Nzeyimana, Burundi, Comedy, 7
A morbid comedy following Rukwi’s botched attempts to earn a living by collecting the dead.


Julie Plourde, Nova Scotia, Documentary, 25
Taken in by a loving family at the age of eight weeks, Alanna grew up in the majestic wilderness of the Yukon mountains. Because her mother drank heavily during pregnancy, Alanna’s development was seriously compromised. She has fetal alcohol syndrome. She will never be like other kids.


Jennifer Hardacker, USA, Experimental, 3
Her horoscope quoted from the poet Federico Garcia Lorca: ‘His heart was growing full of broken wings and artificial flowers. In his mouth, just one small word was left.’ The horoscope assured her that her mouth would soon be full of vivid words. In this experimental short film, the filmmaker expresses her concern about her ability to protect her two young sons during a time of emotional upheaval.

Passport Photos

Preetam Koilpillai, India, Documentary, 14
A group of young Tibetans living in Bangalore, India, talk about their lives and what it means to be young and living in exile.

Sing Me to Sleep
Magnus Arnesen, Poland, Drama, 30m
Robert, a 45 year old postal worker lives at home with his sick mother. Wanting to fulfill his mothers last wish, Robert goes on a desperate search to find a girlfriend...Or at least someone who will pretend to be.

Saturday, 4 pm First Eyes
(at Dänojà Zho Cultutral Centre, Front and York)

Inuit High Kick

Aletha Arnaquq-Baril, Nunavut, Documentary, 3
An ancient test of athleticism and skill is dramatically and sensuously portrayed.


Aletha Arnaquq-Baril, Nunavut, Animation, 8
Lumaajuuq is a tragic and twisted story about the dangers of revenge. A cruel mother mistreats her son, feeding him dog meat and forcing him to sleep in the cold. A loon, who tells the boy that his mother blinded him, helps the child regain his eyesight. Then the boy seeks revenge, releasing his mother’s lifeline as she harpoons a whale and watching her drown. As the boy’s sister cries over the fate of their mother, the boy realizes the futility of seeking vengeance.


Alejandro Albuena, Canada/Columbia/USA, Dance, 14
Director Alejandro Valbuena interprets childhood memory to create an electric romance between two young men. Forbidden love has never looked this good!

Vadzaih Vakan Gwiidaandaii

(Caribou, our livelihood)
Mary Jane Moses, Yukon, Documentary, 6
Vadzaih Vakan Gwiidaandaii tells a real story about the Vuntut Gwitchin who are part of the Gwich’in Nation and their existance with and their reliance on the caribou. As Gwich’in people they are spiritually connected to the caribou in many ways.

Keeping Quiet

Shane Belcourt, Ontario, Drama, 9
A lonely man finds classified dating only makes the ache greater.


Keesic Douglas, Ontario, Drama, 5
What’s hair got to do with it? Indigenous identity and protein strands fight for survival in the bathtub drain of life. Their connection and loss is taken to a humorous and poignant conclusion as the subject of this film.

Seven Seconds

Michael Greyeyes, Ontario, Drama, 8
Set against the backdrop of a concrete jungle, one woman’s impassioned dance poses the question: What is the imprint of our existence?

Cry Rock

Banchi Hanuse, BC, Documentary, 29
Less than fifteen Nuxalk language speakers and storytellers remain in Bella Coola, British Columbia. One of these elders is the director Banchi Hanuse’s 80 year-old grandmother. In a technologically obsessed century, it would seem easier to record Nuxalk stories for future generations, but Hanuse resists. Instead, she asks whether an electronic recording can capture the true meaning and value of these oral traditions and more importantly, can it be considered cultural knowledge?

Saturday 5:45 pm Gwynne Dyer


Gwynne Dyer joins us in the ballroom for a discussion on his most recent project: ‘Climate Wars’, dealing with the geopolitics of climate change.

GWYNNE DYER has worked as a freelance journalist, columnist, broadcaster and lecturer on international affairs for more than 20 years, but he was originally trained as an historian. Born in Newfoundland, he received degrees from Canadian, American and British universities, finishing with a Ph.D. in Military and Middle Eastern History from the University of London. He served in three navies and held academic appointments at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and Oxford University before launching his twice-weekly column on international affairs, which is published by over 175 papers in some 45 countries.

His first television series, the 7-part documentary ‘War’, was aired in 45 countries in the mid-80s. One episode, ‘The Profession of Arms’, was nominated for an Academy Award. His more recent television work includes the 1994 series ‘The Human Race’, and ‘Protection Force’, a three-part series on peacekeepers in Bosnia, both of which won Gemini awards. His award-winning radio documentaries include ‘The Gorbachev Revolution’, a seven-part series based on Dyer’s experiences in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union in 1987-90, and ‘Millenium’, a six-hour series on the emerging global culture.

Dyer’s major study “War”, first published in the 1980s, was completely revised and re-published in 2004. During this decade he has also written a trio of more contemporary books dealing with the politics and strategy of the post-9/11 world: ‘Ignorant Armies’ (2003), ‘Future: Tense’ (2004), and ‘The Mess They Made’ (2006). The latter was also published as ‘After Iraq’ in the US and the UK and as ‘Nach Iraq und Afghanistan’ in Germany.


Saturday, 7 pm At The Confluence

Carpe Diem

Brenda Longfellow, Ontario, Experimental. 5
On board a direct flight from Houston to Fort McMurray, the capital of the Alberta Tar Sands, the VP of a fictitious oil company finds his world collapsing around him as the oil market goes into a tailspin. An operatic appetizer!

El Cortejo
Marina Seresesky, Spain, Drama, 14
Capi is the oldest gravedigger in the cemetery. Used to working amidst the suffering of others and the jokes of his colleagues, there is only one person capable of taking him out of his daily routine. She is his last hope.

Mrs Birks’ Sunday Roast

Kyoko Miyake, England, Documentary, 2010, 6
A Japanese food writer embarks on her quest to cook the perfect Sunday roast. Her gravy evokes a taste of home both gently Japanese and quintessentially English. Blending her passion for British food with the memories that accompany each dish, it is a labour of love with all the trimmings.

These Blazeing Starrs!

Deborah Stratman, USA., Experimental, 14
Since comets have been recorded, they’ve augured disaster: catastrophe, messiahs, upheaval and end times. …These Blazeing Starrs! juxtaposes a modern empirical desire to probe and measure against older methods, when star gazers were translators, explicating the sky more intuitively for predictions of human folly.


Halima Ouardiri, Quebec, Drama, 16m
Based on a true story, Mokhtar recounts the tale of a young boy in a remote Moroccan village as he adopts a fallen owl.

Don’t Tell Santa You’re Jewish!

Jody Kramer, BC, Animation, 4
The story of a little girl who is encouraged by her mom to sit on Santa’s knee at her hockey club’s Christmas Party, and to get a present from him. Only trouble is, she’s got to remember NOT to tell him she’s Jewish.


Piotr Zlotorowicz, Poland, Documenatry, 15
Every summer, Marek and Janina work as charcoal burners in the Bieszczady Mountains. Far from civilization, in the heart of the mountains, they live according to the rhythm set by nature. The documentary joins the man and the woman from dawn till dusk, observing the slow passage of time. A visual anthem to the beauty of life.

The Red Hood

Danishka Esterhazy, Manitoba, Drama, 9
Set in the Canadian prairies during the great depression, the Red Hood is a dark retelling of the traditional fable, Little Red Riding Hood.

Saturday, 8:30 pm PRESS PLAY
in the ODD Gallery

The ODD Gallery, in conjunction with the Dawson City International Short Film Festival, is pleased to present Press Play, a short program of videos by Canadian artists from across Canada.

Saturday, April 23, 8:30pm, ODD Gallery
Explicit adult content: Viewer discretion advised

Join Pauwels in the ODD for a presentation on her innovative video work, as well as introduction to her video B-----+----+----+-----E (2008), shot in a decaying porn theatre — the Fox Cinema on Main Street in Vancouver.

Born in Belgium, Pauwels is a graduate of Emily Carr Institute and has an MFA from the Art Institute of Chicago. She has had solo exhibitions at Artspeak, Contemporary Art Gallery, and Or Gallery in Vancouver; Blackwood Gallery in Toronto; and the Henry Art Museum in Seattle. She has been in group exhibitions at Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, Vancouver; Alberta Art Gallery, Edmonton; and Signal, Malmo, Sweden. She is represented by Catriona Jeffries Gallery in Vancouver.

In the ODD Gallery:
The Embellishers and W.E.S.T.E.R.N

Screening times:
Friday: 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm • Saturday: 1:30, 3:30, 5:30 • Sunday: 2:30, 4:30, 6:30

(2007) Running time: 16:22 + 15:35
With its episodic structure, cheap theatrics, and low production values, The Embellishers imitates popular entertainment formats. The video features the artist and her twin sister playing the roles of the actress and the artist respectively. From the safety of an apartment high above Hastings Street in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, Pauwels and her sister re-enact a series of confrontations with the neighbours over spare change, lighters, crack, stalking, and eviction.

(2010) Running time: 33:45
W.E.S.T.E.R.N. uses the minor genre of the home movie to penetrate a massive subject: the impersonal dynamics of global capitalism. The video cuts between two sources of home movies: 8mm film shot by the artist’s grandfather during his tenure as an agronomist in the Belgian Congo, and contemporary video footage shot in her parents’ home in suburban Richmond, BC. Neither a documentary about colonialism nor a family portrait, W.E.S.T.E.R.N. privileges transition, interruption, and repetition over linear narrative and moral content.

Between films, be certain to check out the ODD Gallery’s selection of art videos made by well-known artists throughout Canada. These films will be looping on a video station in the KIAC ballroom between screenings.

The ODD Gallery is Canada’s northernmost contemporary art centre, dedicated to bringing outstanding Canadian and International artists of all levels of experience to Dawson City.


Saturday, 9:30 pm Into The Night

Business as Usual

Kevin D.A. Kurytnik, Alberta, Animation, 4
Business as Usual is an animated calaveras to the people of Earth, a darkly comic look at life in the city in the year 2110.

Old Man and the Lady

Markku Heikkinen, Finland ,Documentary, 15m
Every day, 73-year-old Seppo shouts «Shut up» to the 102-year-old Linda. In a small red hut in Northern Finland, in the middle of nowhere near the Russian border, they find joy in the little things in life. This is a short about life in the remote villages of Kainuu, and about a way of life that is disappearing.


Wayne Bradford, Australia, Drama, 11
Corporal Mick Flannigan discovered by chance, in the midst of a World War II battle, that his enemy was a man very much like himself. The only significant difference was the flag he fought under. What may have been the start of a friendship at another time in world history was destroyed by the war almost as quickly as it was discovered.

The High Level Bridge
Trevor Anderson, Alberta, Documentary, 2010, 5
Trevor drops his camera from Edmonton’s High Level Bridge in memory of those who have jumped.

A Day of Hunting and Gathering

Rio Fitch, BC, Documentary, 8
In a world most people overlook, a daily struggle for survival takes place as small creatures go about their business of finding food while trying to avoid becoming food.

Istvan – Even there no Kiddin

Mike Yuhasz, Ontario, Experimental, 5
Based on childhood memories and impressions, the filmmaker creates a tense and disturbing look at one man’s painful, dark and lonely inner world. ‘Istvan - even there no kiddin’ is a compassionate portrayal of a troubled soul.

La Guérison

Louis-Thomas Pelletier, Quebec, Comedy, 8
On the eve of an important exhibit, a painter experiencing a creative void accuses his therapist of having killed the artist inside him, threatening to sue him if he doesn’t return him to ‘ how he was before ‘. The tension that will grow between the two men will drive them to commit acts with unforeseen consequences.

Sum of its Parts

Kirby Hammond, Manitoba, Documentary, 22
Nancy Edell ‘corrupted’ the traditional craft of rug hooking with her own unique brand of kinky humour. Her family now grapples with the question of what to do with her legacy.

Saturday 11:30 Beyond Aurora

Belt Buckle/Quonset Hut

Terry Mialkowsky, Saskatchewan, Comedy, 2
A picture and sound love poem to Saskatchewan. Standing firm against the harsh prairie wind and sun, determined and proud: the belt buckle and the quonset hut.

The Naughty List

Ben Mitchell, UK, Animation, 3
Santa Claus is overcome by lethargy and it’s
up to his worker elf to kick him into gear.

Terry Haines, BC, Experimental, 10
BLOODSTORM sifts through notions of beauty, strength and hope in a visual metaphor for the force of a storm. It is unpredictable and undeniable, much like HIV/AIDS. Blood and storm combine to reveal the inner turmoil and fear of living with a disease, which has no cure, in an intimate testament of survival.

Geodaran, An omnivorous animal

Youngim Park, South Korea, Experimental, 6
This art work is based on The Wing by Lee, Sang, and we set this story in modern space and sounds which made the story different. The original script of the novel is compounded with modern scenery. The linearly/non linearly reciting story montages modern space sounds.

Hell on Wheels

Brendan Preston, Yukon, Documentary, 9
A glimpse into the lives and philosophy surrounding the fast paced, adrenaline driven bike courier sub-culture.

Dear Diary

Ariel Smith, Ontario, Comedy, 4
He loves me... He loves me not... One woman’s boredom, loneliness, and active imagination make for a sardonic, surrealist tale of longing and sensual escapism.

La Flora Carnivora

Maria Lorenzo, Spain, Animation, 9
A woman alone at home. A man or maybe two. A venus flycatcher. Carnivorous flowers die when they hunt... but not all of them

Wald Von Versuchungen –
Forest of Temptations

Saki Murotani and Price Morgan, Animation, 2
If you venture into this forest beware, for all that glitters is not gold. In this enchanted wonderland there lurks a dark presence. A tale of innocent curiosity with an unexpected disturbing twist.

External World

David OReilly, Ireland/Germany, Animation, 17
A boy learns to play the piano.

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